b'72 Readingphonological awareness & phonicsGrade Level K 1 2Grade Level K 1 2 GG955 \x1f WORD BUILDING TILES CLASS SETGG474\x1fPHONICS DAILY ACTIVITY JOURNALOur activity-filledChildren build word after word with our handy letter tilesand explore every-journal builds phonics skills day by dayfor all 35 weeks of the school year!thing from spelling patterns and word families to decoding!The set includes Each week, students explore a new phonics conceptfrom CVC words &20 vinyl pouches, each with 48 double-sided letter tilesuppercase on the vowel teams to blends & digraphsand independently complete a differentfront and lowercase on the back.Plus, the consonants and vowels are daily activity that allows them to focus on and master the targeted skill.colour-codedso its easy to build and sound out words. 169.95Spiral-bound journal is 8" x 10 12 " and 76 pages long. Each9.95 GG954 \x1f Extra Student PackEasy-seal vinyl pouch includes 48 sturdy GG475\x1fPhonics Daily Activity Journal - Set of 10 94.95 chipboard letter tiles.Each tile measures 1 14 ". 9.95Grade Level K 1 2GG299\x1fFILL-IN-THE-BLANK PHONICS STAMPS - SET 1 Grade Level 1 2Our stamps each have a picture and a corresponding word with theGG294\x1fFILL-IN-THE-BLANK PHONICS STAMPS - SET 2beginning, middle or ending letter missing.Kids stamp out each image,Kids explore blends, digraphs and vowel sounds!Our foam stamps each have then fill in the missing letter to complete the word!Set includes overa picture and word with one or more missing letters.Students just stamp70 foam stamps; each measures 1 14 " x 1 34 ". 74.95 then fill in the missing sound!Set of 74 stamps; each is 1 14 " x 1 34 ". 78.95LL172\x1fLakeshore Washable Ink PadNontoxic ink pad isLL172\x1fLakeshore Washable Ink PadNontoxic ink pad is 2 14 " x 3 12 ". 2 14 " x 3 12 ".Please specify colour:red, purple, blue, green or black. 9.95 Please specify colour:red, purple, blue, green or black. 9.95Shown:Jet-Boat HarborEach game is also available separately.GG219\x1fJet-Boat Harbor: Short Vowels Game(Shown.) 57.95GG218\x1fKeeper of the Castle:Grade Level 1 2 3 Long Vowels Game57.95GG245X\x1fMASTERING PHONICS GAMES LIBRARYStudents master essential phonicsGG217\x1fTiki Challenge:skillsas they race to a medieval castle collecting long vowel sounds, cross a treacherous ravine usingBlends & Digraphs Game 57.95blends and digraphs, speed through a harbor in search of short vowels, and more!Complete libraryGG216\x1fRoller Coaster Craze:includes all 4 games listed at right, each with an 18" x 18" game board.For 2-4 players. 224.95 Word Blending Game57.95Lakeshore'