b'Math 49geometryGrade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6DG546nMAGNA-TILES - STARTER SETThese translucent magnetic tiles give students a fun way to explore geometry conceptsas they build!The 32 plastic tiles have magnets built right in, so they stick together from every sideas students explore symmetry, area, perimeter, angles and more.Large squares measure 6".(Shown.) 69.95DG547nMagna-Tiles - Class SetYou get a giant set of 100 magnetic tiles in 5 shapes and 6 colours. 194.95Grade Level 2 3 4 5TT565X\x1fBUILD & LEARN GEOMETRY KITS - COMPLETE SETOurhands-onkitshelpstudents visualize,buildandmanipulategeo-metric figuresdeepening their under-standing of geometry every step of the way!Perfectforpracticewith identifyingshapes,solvingareaand perimeterequations,andfindingthe volumeofgeometricfigures,our Build & Learn kits come packed with easy-to-follow activity cards, plus tons ofdurablemanipulatives.Students simply choose an activity card, thenBuild & Learn Geometric Shapes Kit - Gr. 2-5 use everything from sticks and con-nectors to tiles and cubes to compose, decompose and manipulate geometric figuresfrom every angle!The activity cards encourage students to use their models to help solve each problemand when kids are finished, they simply flipeachcardovertochecktheir answers!Each kit even includes defi-nitioncardstohelpreinforcekey geometryvocabularyaskidsbuild. Complete set of all 3 kits. 219.95Each kit is also available separately.GG458\x1fBuild & Learn Geometric Shapes Kit - Gr. 2-5As students piece together over 200 easy-fitting sticks and connectors, they learntobuild,identifyanddescribe geometricshapes!With12activityBuild & Learn Area & Perimeter Kit - Gr. 3-4 cards.Large sticks measure 4 14 " each. 76.95TT566\x1fBuild & Learn Area & Perimeter Kit - Gr. 3-4Kids solve area and perimeter problems with 240 colourful wooden tilesplus 20 kid-friendly activity cards featuring helpfulpictures,formulasandhints. Tiles measure 1" each. 74.95 TT567\x1fBuild & LearnVolume Kit - Gr. 5Students find the volume of rectangu-lar prisms and rectilinear figures with 160 wooden cubesplus 20 activity cards.Cubes are 1" each. 69.95Build & Learn Volume Kit - Gr. 5Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'