b'48 MathgeometryGrade Level 1 2DD908\x1fPATTERN BLOCKS ACTIVITY CARDSStudents get busy mastering geometry concepts with our activity-packed Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 cards!Designed for use with pattern blocks, the 20 write & wipe cards reinforce skills in 5 key areasfrom composing and decomposing shapes to partitioning EE498n3-D GEOMETRIC SHAPES TUB shapes and more.Cards are 8 12 " x 11".Blocks sold separately. 33.95Beginning geometry students get a hands-on introduction to solidDA910\x1fPlastic Pattern Blocksformswith our jumbo tub of plastic 3-D shapes!The 80 piecesExplore geometry with this tub of 250 plastic blocks in 6 shapes and include 10 each of 8 different shapesfrom cones and spheres to6 colours.Hexagon is approximately 2". 42.95cubes and pyramids.Cylinders measure 1" tall. 36.95DD105\x1fWrite & Wipe MarkersSet of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6 Grade Level 2 3 4 5 6PP447\x1fGIANT GEOMETRIC SHAPES FG349nFOLD & LEARN GEOMETRIC SHAPESChildren identify and analyze the characteristics of three-dimensionalGive students a unique understanding of area, nets, symmetry and moreshapesand get a solid grasp of early geometry concepts!The 10 bigwith hands-on shapes that make geometry concepts easy to grasp!Set shapes are perfectly related in size, so children can easily compareincludes 8 transparent, 3-D formseach labeled with its nameplus 8 flat attributesand discover what makes each shape unique!Plus, theplastic nets that fold up and fit inside.As students explore the shapes in shapes are made of super-tough plastic thats ideal for classroom use.solid and flat form, they learn to visualize the difference between 2-D and Cube measures 3 12 ". 49.95 3-D shapes, calculate surface area and more.Cube is approx. 3 18 ". 81.95DA362 DA363 Grade Level K 1 2 3BEST-BUY GEOBOARDSAs children explore these sturdy plastic geoboards, they get a concrete grasp of geometry concepts!Double-sided geoboards are available in the 2 sizes listed below. Each set comes with over 100 rubber bands.DA362n6" Geoboards - Set of 6 31.95DA363n9" Geoboards - Set of 6 47.95DA365nExtra Rubber BandsThe 300 rubber bands come in 6 colours.8.95Lakeshore'