b'Reading 79sight-wordsGrade Level K 1 2 3TT180X\x1fSIGHT-WORD BINGO GAME SETPlay bingo with everyday sight-words students need to know!Each game in our set helps children master 75 different sight-wordsand the games gradually progress in difficulty, so students stay challenged as they play!Set includes 3 leveled games, each with 36 bingo cards,75callingcardsandtonsof cardboard chips.For 2-36 players. 69.95Each level is also available separately.KTT181\x1fLevel 1(Shown.) 24.95KTT182\x1fLevel 224.95KTT183\x1fLevel 324.95 Shown:Level 1Grade Level K 1 2HH706\x1fFLIP & READSIGHT-WORD SENTENCESThese engaging flip books give students the practice they need to master 100 dif-ferentsight-wordsastheycreatefun rebus sentences, then read them aloud! Each book has 5 sets of flips covering 10-15sight-words,plushelpfulrebus pictures and ending punctuation.Kids just flip through the pages to build each sentence and read it aloud, then flip to a new word or punctuation mark to change the meaning or expression.Each book even has the targeted words on the cover for easy reference!Set of 15 books, each 3 14 " x 9 14 "in a storage box. 109.95Nonction Sight-Word ReadersLevel 1 Level 2Books in Level 1 focus on 5 to 10 sight-words each. Level 2 books build on those words & add 4 to 9 more!Grade Level K 1 TT557 \x1fLakeshore Nonfiction Sight-Word Readers - Level 1 LAKESHORE NONFICTION SIGHT-WORD READERS Each reader focuses on 5 to 10 sight-words at a time, helping kids master Introduce early readers to nonfiction textwith high-interest books that provide32 of the most common sight-words!Set of 20; with a guide. 84.95 tons of sight-word practice!Each book features full-colour photos and simpleTT559 \x1fLakeshore Nonfiction Sight-Word Readers - Level 2 text thats entirely made up of sight-words and rebus pictures, plus nonfictionOur second set of higher-level readers reviews the 32 sight-words from topics that children will love to discoverfrom farm animals to the five senses.Level 1and introduces 32 more!Set of 20; with a guide. 84.95As students explore each book, they focus on just 4 to 10 new sight-words at aGG421 \x1fBook Display StandSturdy metal rack neatly stores and timeand get the targeted practice they need to make each word their own! displays 20 of our Sight-Word Readers.Measures 25 12 " wide. 79.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'