b'68 Readingmastering basic skillsGrade Level KLC870\x1fFAMILY ENGAGEMENT READING PACK - KINDERGARTENFamiliessequencestorieslikeTheThreeLittle Pigs, play a game of Rhyming Memory Match and more.With 20 retelling and sequencing cards,52letterandpicturecards, 40 plastic chips and other hands-on materials. Each54.95LC871\x1fFamily EngagementReading Pack - Kindergarten -Set of 10 539.95Grade Level 1LC872\x1fFAMILY ENGAGEMENT READING PACK - GR. 1From racing to recognize key detailstosolvingblendand digraphriddles,ourplay-at-home games & activities keep families engaged while helping kidsboostkeyreadingskills! Includes4books,115letter pieces,20sight-wordgame cards & more. Each54.95LC873\x1fFamily Engagement Reading Pack - Gr. 1 - Set of 10 539.95Grade Level 2LC874\x1fFAMILY ENGAGEMENT READING PACK - GR. 2Childrenandparentswork togethertoplayReading Detective, circle text features for a scavenger hunt and more. Materialsinclude4high-interestbookletscovering fiction and nonfiction, 60 word tiles and 25 key detail question cards. Each54.95LC875\x1fFamily EngagementReading Pack - Gr. 2 - Set of 10 539.95Lakeshore'