b'Shown:Addition Math 43number & operations in base 10Grade Level 2 3 4 5FF292X\x1fHANDS-ON REGROUPING KITS - COMPLETE SETStudents master math with fun-to-use regrouping kits that make complicated problems easy to solve!Each kit includes a place value regrouping tray and place value coinsplus 40 self-checking problem cards.Students simply place a card onto the tray and use the colour-coded coins to visually represent the problem.Then students regroup the coins and use the handy write & wipe activity mat to work out the answer.After solving, students flip the card over to easily check their own work!You get all 4 kits below, each with a guide.Write & wipe marker not included. 284.95Each kit is also available separately. FF297\x1fAddition75 coins and an 8 58 " x 14 14 " tray.(Shown.) 64.95FF298\x1fSubtraction75 coins and an 8 58 " x 14 14 " tray.64.95 Students position place value coins forthen regroup the coins FF293\x1fMultiplication85 coins and a 12 18 " x 18" tray.79.95each part of the problem to find the answer! FF294\x1fDivision85 coins and a 12 18 " x 18" tray.79.95Grade Level 1 2 3RR175nSTUDENT PLACE VALUE PRACTICE BOARDS - SET OF 10Kids practice place value right at their desks!The 10 boards have 7 sets of flips with numbers 0-9, plus blank flips for covering numerals so kids can focus on one place value at a time.Boards are 4" x 11". 86.95Grade Level 2 3FF300\x1fGIANT MAGNETIC REGROUPING CHARTHelp students understand addition and subtraction!Our giant chart features Grade Level 1 2 3 4 write & wipe spaces for tons of different addition and subtraction problemsRR491\x1fPLACE VALUE COINSKids boost place value skillswithand comes with magnetic place value coins in ones, tens and hundreds. coins that bring number sense activities to life!240 colour-coded foam coins areSimply place the coins to visually represent each number in the problem, then printed with place values from ones to hundred thousandsso students canregroup the coins to work out the answer.Includes a 19" x 24" write & wipe visualize place value, expanded notation and more!You also get a reproduciblemagnetic chart, 50 coins and a vinyl pouch.76.95placevaluematforsorting,buildinganddecomposingnumbersevenDD107\x1fWrite & Wipe Markers - Broad-Tiprepresenting large numbers!Coins are 1" in diam.; in a storage box. 36.95 Set of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 7.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'