b'STEM 117Build a working solar still to desalinate water. Shown:Water Shortage KitGrade Level 3 4 5Each kit is also available separately.PP370X\x1fGLOBAL CHALLENGES PROJECT-BASED STEM KITSPP371\x1fWater Shortage KitStudents combat the water shortage Students complete meaningful projects to solve real-life problems faced aroundproblem by turning saltwater into clean freshwaterusing a plastic tub, the globeusing STEM skills to find inventive solutions!Each kit includes anmirrors, angle blocks and more!Tub measures 11".(Shown.) 149.95attention-grabbing card that introduces a modern-day problemsuch as an oilPP372\x1fOil Spill KitChildren discover ways to protect wildlife as spillplus 4 student booklets that help kids explore the issue in depth.Afterthey clean up a mock oil spillusing foam pieces, absorbent fabric, oil conductingtheirresearch,studentsusetheinformationtheyvelearnedtodispersant, sea life figures, feathers & more.Water tray is 14 12 ". 149.95complete a hands-on STEM project, like building and testing a model home that runs on solar power!Each kit comes complete with materials for each project,PP373\x1fEnergy Crisis KitKids explore alternatives to fossil fuelsplus an extensive 24-page guide with 10 detailed lesson plansfrom introducingand design a solar panel system that powers a lightbulb!With solar cells, the topic to assessing students final project presentations.All 3 kits. 439.95 rechargeable batteries, pieces to build a 7" house and more. 149.95Shown:Dont Lose Your Marbles LabGrade Level 4 5Each lab is also available separately.PP900X\x1fSTEM LEARNING LABS - GR. 4-5 - COMPLETE SET PP903\x1fDont Lose Your Marbles LabWith our innovative STEM Learning Labs, students really become part of the scientificKids explore potential & kinetic energy, how angles affect motion and processas they design and build roller coasters, complete electrical circuits, exploremorethen design, build & evaluate roller coasters!(Shown.) 149.95 gravitational forces and more!Designed to integrate STEM education into daily instruc- PP905\x1fAlarm Your Pencil Box Labtion, each project-based lab has step-by-step activities that kids complete in ordercul- Studentsbuildelectricalcircuitsandresearchhowalarmsystems minating in an in-depth engineering activity that really brings concepts to life.Childrenworkthen design and build their own pencil box alarms! 149.95just work through each activity with partners or in groupsand build the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills theyll need for success in the future!All 3 labs, each with allPP902\x1fSpace Lander Labthe materials needed to complete 4 activitiesfrom designing and creating real-workingChildren learn all about Newtons laws of motion and explore how roller coasters to researching and building their own pencil box alarms! 439.95 parachutes workthen create their very own space landers! 149.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'