b'22 Flex-Space FurnitureLearning Zones LEARNING ZONESDesignedfor today\'sclassrooms!Alternative ConfigurationLC1451\x1fERGO CHAIR SMALL-GROUP ZONEA learning zone specially designed toIncludes:provide active seating and convenient mobility in the 21st-century classroom!Our kid-friendly 4 Mobile Triangular Student Desks - Modern Mapleergonomic chairs (LC765, p. 5) give students the comfort they need as they sit whichever way feels 4 Ergo Bounce Cantilever Chairs - 15 12 "best.With a flexible seat back and a unique steel frame that delivers both spring and stability, each molded chair allows children to sit forward and sidewaysand even bounce.Perfect with the chairs,Specify chair colour:our rugged, height-adjustable desks (LC776, p. 8) reconfigure for tons of seating combinations forgreen orangeup to 4 studentsand are a breeze to roll anywhere in the classroom!All items in this zone areblue greycovered by a lifetime warranty.The chairs come fully assembled, and the easy-to-assemble desks are G REENGUARDCertified.Please specify chair colour:green, blue, orange or grey. 4299.95LC1405\x1fREADING & RESEARCH ZONEBooks and materials stay right within reach as Includes:students dive deep into learning!The ideal space for reading and research, this inviting learning zone 2 blue Lounge & Learn Couches for Twofeatures 2 mobile storage centres (LC298, p. 14), each filled with 12 coloured bins (TT836, p. 14)2 blue Lounge & Learn Curved Couchesso you can store and organize tons of books and reference materialsand make them accessible 6 Comfy Pillowsto students.The 4 wipe-clean modular couches (LC246 and LC348, p. 7) let up to 8 students 2 Mobile Book Bin Storage Centres - Modern Maplework in comfortand the pillows (LC534, p. 5) and plush, soil-resistant carpet (LC865, p. 27) keep 24 Book Binsstudents extra-cozy as they work.Pillows have machine-washable covers.Storage centres are Grey Comfy Rectangular Classroom CarpetG REENGUARDCertified and include a lifetime warranty.Carpet measures 9\' x 12\' and comes with a 10-year warranty.Everything comes fully assembled.7999.95 (Books not included.)Lakeshore'