b'76 Readingphonological awareness & phonicsGrade Level K 1 2GG985X\x1fPHONICS SKILL-BUILDING BOOKS -COMPLETE SETBuild beginning reading skillswith simple, phonics-based books students will love! Perfectforsmall-grouplearning,our engaging sets help children learn to readwith the books focusing on specific vowel sounds, blends or digraphs to provide lots oftargetedreinforcement.Yougetall 4 sets listed below, each with 20 books (4 copies each of 5 different titles), plus an activity guide.Books are 8 pp. 284.95Each set is also available separately. GG986\x1fShort Vowels 71.95GG988\x1fLong Vowels (Shown.) 71.95GG989\x1fBlends71.95 Each set includes 20 books4 copies each of 5 different titlesplus a guide.GG987\x1fDigraphs71.95Short Vowels Long Vowels DigraphsTwo-Syllable Words Vowel Combinations BlendsGrade Level 1 2 3TT302\x1fPHONICS FLIP BOOKSOur easy-to-use flip books each focus on a specific spelling pattern, from long and short vowels to blends and digraphs.Students just flip the pages to create 6 to 8 simple words that share the same soundand build reading and decoding skills as they go!The 34 flip books come in a storage box with tabbed dividers; each book measures 2 34 " x 6 14 ". 139.95Grade Level K 1 2 FF456 FF457FF455X \x1f PHONICS MAGNETICWORD BUILDING BOARDS - COMPLETE SETChildren practice building dozens of words sound by soundfrom simple CVC words to more challenging words with blends and digraphs!Ourmagneticboardsinclude everythingstudentsneedtobuild 36differentwords,includingpicture magnetswithfamiliar,everydayimages, pluslettermagnetswiththetargeted soundshighlighted.Kidssimplystick picturetilesontotheleftcolumnofthe board, then build the corresponding wordsFF458 FF459bysoundingeachoneoutexploring spellingpatternsandbuildinglanguage skillsastheygo!Eachsetincludesan 8"x10 12 "board,36picturemagnets, 36 letter magnets & an activity guide.You get all 4 colour-coded sets shown.269.95Each set is also available separately.FF456 \x1f Short Vowels69.95FF457 \x1f Long Vowels 69.95FF458 \x1f Digraphs 69.95FF459 \x1f Blends 69.95Lakeshore'