b'132 Teaching ResourcesFA844\x1fMAGNETICPAPER POCKETS - SET OF 4PP589\x1fMAGNETIC WRITE & WIPEEach chart features a Paper will never get lost in the shuffle withYou get 4 sturdyORGANIZATION CHARTSThere are countlessfull magnetic back!these handy magnetic pockets!Each super- magnetic pockets! ways to customize our magnetic write & wipe charts sturdy pocket holds up to 100 sheets ofto meet your classroom needs!Designed in bold neon colours, these versatile 8 12 " x 11" paperperfect for distributing assignments, turning in home- charts adhere to any magnetic surface and draw students attention to learn-work, organizing lessons & more.Just stick the pockets to any magneticing goals, assignments, daily schedules, reminders and much more.Plus, the surface to keep materials right within reach!The 4 vinyl pockets come incharts are durable enough to stand up to busy classroom use!Set includes five 4 colours and include labels.Each pocket measures 9 38 " x 11 34 ". 36.95 8 12 " x 11" note magnets and one 5" x 16" header magnet. 64.95VR455\x1fMAGNETIC HOOKS - SET OF 5TR534\x1fMAGNET PEOPLE - SET OF 12These kid-pleasing, people-Instantly organize everything from flash cards and word lists to keysshaped magnet clips are a delightful way to showcase student work, display and supplieswith handy hooks that stick to any magnetic surface!classroom communication and stay organized!Plus, they securely adhere to Set includes 5 durable metal hooks with extra-strong magnets onany magnetic surfacefrom filing cabinets to magnetic whiteboards.You get back; each hook measures 1 14 " in diameter. 17.95 12 durable plastic magnets in 3 colours; each magnet is 2 18 " tall. 49.95PP873\x1fMAGNETIC FOLDER BINS - SETOF3Thesesuper-durablebinssticktoanymagneticsurfaceandholdupto 2 12 poundskeepingfilefoldersandother paperwork within easy reach!Plus, the rugged PP476 \x1f MAGNETIC DISPLAY SHELVES plastic bins feature reusable, wet-erase spaces Our incredibly sturdy shelves stick to any magnetic surfacemaking onfront,soyoucanquicklyandeasilylabel it easy to display books and other classroom materials!Plus, eachwhats inside.Set includes 3 bins in the 3 colours shelf is extra-deep and super-strongso even heavy items stayshown; each bin measures 7" x 13".79.95 securely in place as you teach!Set comes complete with 2 durableVC441\x1fWet-Erase Markers 3 sturdy bins stick to plastic shelves; each measures 18 12 "w x 2 14 "d x 4 14 "h. 67.95 8 fine-line markers in 8 colours. 15.95 any magnetic surface!Lakeshore'