b'Flex-Space Furniture 5flexible seatingPREMIUM WOBBLE CHAIRSThis alternative to traditional seating gives kids a full range of movementand the stability they need to wobble without tipping over! Each of our chairs features a comfortable, contoured seat and a rounded, no-slip rubber No-slip seat is contouredbaseplus, the durable plastic chairs unique for added comfort! design helps strengthen core muscles while encouraging proper posture.There are even built-in handles under the 13"-diameter seats that make the chairs super-easy to pick up and move anywhere in the classroom!Choose fromthe4heightslistedbelow.Lifetime warranty.All chairs come assembled.Please specify colour:grey, orange, green or blue.LC762\x1f12" Chair 149.95 LC768 LC764\x1f14" Chair 179.95LC764 LC766 Non-marking rubber baseLC766\x1f16" Chair 199.95LC762 keeps floors looking new! LC768\x1f18" Chair 224.95ERGO BOUNCE CANTILEVER CHAIRSOur thoughtfully designed ergonomic chairs give kids the comfort they need as they sit the way that suits them!With a flexible seat back and a unique steel frame that provides both spring and stability, each molded chair allows children to sit forward and sidewaysand even bounce.Plus, the sturdy plastic chairs feature a built-in handle for portability andnon-markingglidestoprotectfloors! Lifetime warranty.All chairs come assem-bled.Specify colour:grey, orange, green or blue.For help choosing the right size chairs, see the chart on page 4.Flex-Space desks and tables sold starting on page 8.LC763\x1f13 12 " Chair 289.95LC765\x1f15 12 " Chair 299.95LC767\x1f 17 12 " Chair 319.95LC763 LC765 LC767LC843 LC844 LC845ERGO GLIDE MOBILE CHAIRSAll the comfort and support of our Ergo chairs above but with 4 smooth-rolling castersfor ultimate flexibility!Featuring steel frames and durable LC534\x1fCOMFY PILLOWS -backs, these chairs promote proper posture while providing the perfect amount of giveand SET OF 6 Make any space a cozycome in 3 seat heights for exactly the right fit.Lifetime warranty.All chairs come assembled. space with our super-soft pillows!MadeSpecify:grey, orange, green or blue.For help choosing the right size chairs, see the chart of squeezable foam, the pillows featureon p. 4.Flex-Space desks and tables sold starting on p. 8. wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable cov- LC843\x1f13 12 " Chair 389.95ers.Set of 6 pillows in 3 colours; eachLC844\x1f15 12 " Chair 419.95 Casters swivel & glide pillow measures 17 34 " square.269.95 LC845\x1f 17 12 " Chair 439.95 smoothly across floors!Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'