b'Math 53number & operations - fractionsGrade Level 3 4HH978\x1fBUILDING FRACTIONS ACTIVITY CENTREOur hands-on centre helps students develop a strong understanding of how to build fractions!The centre includes an 11 12 " x 12 18 " tray, 250 labeled fraction pieces and 22 activity cards thatGrade Level 2 3 4 5 6prompt kids to build fractions from halves to twelfths.Students combine fraction piecesFR774\x1fFRACTION STAXKids math skills stack upwith to cover the shaded area of circles on the cardswrite corresponding fraction equationsa hands-on set that helps them recognize fractional relationships! in the write & wipe space belowthen use the answer key to check their work! 89.95 Thecolour-codedstackersrepresentonewholethrough112 . DD105\x1fWrite & Wipe Markers Students just slide them onto the stands pegs to build equivalent fractions, add and subtract fractionsand more!Durable plastic Set of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45 set includes 51 stackers and a handy 14 14 " stand. 57.95Each board has fraction number lines on one sideand open number lines on the other! Grade Level 3 4 5 Grade Level 3 4 5PP863\x1fFRACTION NUMBER LINES WRITE & WIPE BOARDS PP866\x1fCOMPARING FRACTIONS FLIP BOOKS - SET OF 10The 30 double-sided write & wipe boards feature open and labeled number lines,Our flip books make it super-easy to visualize equivalent fractions, so students can practice identifying fractions, comparing them and more.Eachcompare fractions with different denominators and more!Each board measures 9" x 12".64.95 book has 2 sets of flipssimply turn the flips to see how one half is DD103\x1fWrite & Wipe Markers equivalent to 3 sixths, 2 halves add up to one whole, and more!Set Set of 4 dry-erase markers in 4 colours. 6.95 of 10 flip books; each measures 4" x 7". 79.95Fractions Decimals PercentsGrade Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 Hands-On Math Tiles Each Set 10 SetsHANDS-ON MATH TILESGive students a concrete grasp of fractions, decimalsFractions BF19126.95 BF191X264.95and percentswith hands-on tiles that make concepts incredibly easy to see andDecimals BF19426.95 BF194X264.95understand!The tiles are colour-coded and perfectly related in size, so its easy to compare equivalent values.Each set includes 51 tiles in a 10 34 " storage tray. Percents BF19626.95 BF196X264.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'