b'Writing 101Shown:K-Gr. 2Students learn to understand themselves & others, social cues & more!Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 & UpDT645X\x1fLETS GET WRITING! FLIP BOOKS - GR. 1-3 - COMPLETE SETJust flip the pages to combine character, setting & plotcreate silly scenariosor pose amusing questions for kids to write about!All 3 books, each with 3 sets of 25 mix & match flips.Books are 3 58 " x 9". 59.95DT641\x1fSilly Starters Flip Book 21.95DT644\x1fCreative Thinking Flip Book 21.95DT642\x1fStory Starters Flip Book(Shown.) 21.95 Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5DT660X\x1fLETS GET WRITING! FLIP BOOKS - GR. 4-8 -GRAB & WRITE SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL PROMPTSStrengthen social-COMPLETE SETThese higher-level books expand students skillsasemotional learning in the classroom with our engaging prompt cards!Great for kids flip the pages to create tons of fun, thought-provoking writing prompts!Alldaily writing or group conversations, the cards cover topics such as friendship & 3 books, each with 3 sets of 25 mix & match flips.Books are 3 58 " x 9". 59.95 teamwork, self-control and more.Simply pick a card from the mystery box for the \x1f class to write about or discussor let students choose and respond on their DT662\x1fStory Starters Flip Book 21.95 own.Each set includes 100 prompt cards & a 7 12 "w x 7 12 "d x 6 12 "h mystery box.DT663 Creative Thinking Flip Book 21.95DT661\x1fWriting Starters Flip Book 21.95 EE117\x1fK-Gr. 2(Shown.)67.95 EE118\x1fGr. 3-567.95Grade Level 3 4 5GM706\x1fGRAMMAR TALES BOOK SETKids master the rules of grammar with entertaining books theyll love to read!Each 16-page book features an amus-ing story that focuses on a differ-ent skillfrom parts of speech to the proper use of commashelp-ing students become confident writers.10 paperback books in a storage box; with a 120-pg. repro-ducible teaching guide. 86.95Wipe-clean boards feature aPrint on one side of the different graphic organizerboardand use the other on each side! side to draw, write and more!Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5 Grade Level K 1 2LL799\x1fGRAPHIC ORGANIZER WRITE & WIPE BOARDS LL834\x1fDRAW AND PRINT WRITE & WIPE BOARDSOur handy write & wipe boards are the perfect tool to help students organizeGive children a place to draw and writewith our multipurpose dry-erase their ideas!Featuring a different graphic organizer on each side, the boardsboards!The double-sided boards are blank on one side and feature per-can be used for a wide range of purposesfrom demonstrating readingmanent baselines on the otherso theyre perfect for all sorts of classroom comprehension to brainstorming, writing and more.Plus, the boards easilyactivitiesfrom drawing pictures to listing spelling words, writing simple wipe clean, so students can use them over and over!Set includes 30 double- sentences and more.You get 30 boards; each measures 9" x 12" and sided boardsenough for the whole class; each board is 9" x 12". 74.95 wipes clean in an instant to use again and again. 74.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'