b'4 Flex-Space Furnitureflexible seatingHow to Choose the WOBBLE CHAIRSThese specially designed chairs are Right Size Chairs a great flexible seating option!Ideal forthosewholiketowiggleand Weve made it simple to find the perfect wobblewhiletheysit,eachsafe, sizechairsforyour21st-century stable chair has a rounded base that classroom!Just check out our handyallows students a little movementguide below for suggested chair heights without tipping over!And the super-foreachgradelevelandgetthelightweight design makes the chairs most out of your collaborative learningeasy for kids to pick up and carry environments. anywhereintheroom!Featuring FDA-approved antimicrobial protec-tion, each rugged plastic chair has Grade Level Chair Height an 11"-diameter seat and comes in grey.Choosefromthe3heights Kindergarten-Gr. 1 12" to 13 12 " KOR160 listed below.Simple assembly.KOR120\x1f12" Chair 76.95Gr. 2-3 13 12 " to 15 12 " KOR140 KOR140\x1f14" Chair 89.95Gr. 4 & Up 15 12 " to 18" KOR120 KOR160\x1f16" Chair 99.95CLASSROOM STACKING CHAIRSThecontoureddesignofoursuper-sturdy stacking chairs guarantees years ofcomfortableseating!Heavy-gauge steelframesandlegsarespecially designed to resist tipping, while non-marking, self-leveling glides give maxi-mum stability. Plus, the easy-to-clean polypropylenechairsevenstackfor storage. Lifetimewarranty.Allchairs come assembled. Please specify colour: blue, orange or grey.For help choosing therightsizechairs,pleaseseethe chartabove.Flex-Spacedesksand tables sold starting on page 8. LC513\x1f13 12 " Chair 119.95 Stackable!LC515\x1f15 12 " Chair 139.95LC517\x1f 17 12 " Chair 169.95 LC517 LC515 LC513LC529 LC528Seats have legs to keep them in place!BALANCE BALL SEATSOur durable ball seats allow students to move and balancereducing restlessness and improving focus while they learn!Made with sturdy, easy-cleanLC558X\x1fGIANT COMFY PILLOWS - SET OF 3PVC thats lightweight enough for kids to move around the class, the seats each include 5 legsOur oversize pillows are perfect for turning any spot in to keep them in place right where you want them.Please specify colour:green, blue or orange.the classroom into an inviting learning space!Each is Seats require inflation and work great with the Automatic Ball Inflator (sold separately below). filledwithsuper-comfyfoamandincludesasoft, LC528\x1f17" Ball SeatSized for students in kindergarten-grade 2. 47.95 liquid-resistant polyester cover that zips right off for LC529\x1f22" Ball SeatSized for students in grades 3-6. 54.95 machine-washing.Set of 3 pillows in 3 colours; each WC218\x1fAUTOMATIC BALL INFLATORInflate our Balance Ball Seats in seconds!Thispillow measures 32" square. 459.95portable inflator comes with interchangeable nozzles, including one for deflation, so its super- LC555\x1fGiant Comfy Pillow - Eachsimple to use.Measures 9 34 " long; with a 6-foot power cord.(Not shown.) 119.95 Please specify colour:orange, blue or green. 154.95Lakeshore'