b'42 Mathnumber & operations in base 10Grade Level K 1 2DD445\x1fGIANT MAGNETIC REKENREK Grade Level K 1 2Just the thing for classroom demonstrations, our Giant Magnetic Rekenrek is a great way to help kids understand tons of math skills, including decomposingPP618\x1fSTUDENT REKENREKnumbers, addition and subtraction, and more!This huge rekenrek has a super- Perfectforhands-onactivities,mathcentresandmore,our strong magnetic backingso you can stick it on any magnetic surface for tons ofcounting frame is a fascinating way to introduce kids to tons of valuable demonstrations.Made of wood with stainless steel rods, the 5 12 " x 22 12 "mathskillsincludingcountingto20,comparingnumbers, rekenrek comes complete with an activity guide.69.95 decomposingnumbersevenaddition&subtraction!Sturdy woodenrekenrekhassteelrodsanddurableplasticbeadsin 2 colours.Measures 2 12 " x 10 34 ". Each21.95Double-sided PP617\x1fStudent Rekenrek - Set of 4 84.95Grade Level 1 2 3 4PP376\x1fPLACE VALUE WRITE & WIPE BOARDSOur double-sided write & wipe boards are a great tool to help students learn place value skills!EachGrade Level K 1 2board features space to illustrate place values to the hundreds on one sideand aDD425\x1fREKENREK TO 100chart on the other so kids can visually represent each number in a problem, thenKids explore tons of math skills visually and hands on with our giant regroup to work out the answer!30 sturdy plastic boards; each is 9" x 12". 76.95 rekenrek!Secured plastic beads give kids the visual cues they need to DD103\x1fWrite & Wipe Markers - Thin-Line practice grouping by 5s & 10s, skip-counting, adding, subtracting and Set of 4 dry-erase markers in 4 colours. 6.95 more!Wood & steel; measures 8 14 " x 11 12 ". 44.95Grade Level 1 2 3 Grade Level 1 2LC165n PLACE VALUE ACTIVITY KITHands-on place value blocksPP676nVISUALIZE PLACE VALUE MAGNETIC FRAME help students visually represent ones, tens, hundreds and thousandsevenNow its easier than ever to visually represent ones, tens & hundredswith build and solve equations!Our kit includes two 14" x 17 12 " write & wipeour magnetic frame & magnetic foam pieces!Simply place the frame on any mats, 121 plastic place value blocks (100 unit cubes, ten 10-unit rods, tenmagnetic surface and use the sturdy foam blocks to demonstrate place value 100-unit flats and one 1,000-unit cube) and 2 write & wipe markers. 74.95 concepts, addition & subtraction, and so much more!Includes 1 hundreds flat, LC1636nPlace Value Blocks OnlyYou get 121 plastic pieces. 49.95 12 tens rods, 22 ones cubes & a frame.Frame measures 6 34 " x 12 34 ". 34.95Lakeshore'