b'108 Pocket ChartsAll of these pocket charts are available in the following colours:red blue greenRR476(chart)LA964(chart stand)LK297 LK522(chart) (chart)LA964 RR565(chart stand) (chart stand)POCKET CHARTSOur heavy-duty nylon charts let you display task cards,POCKET CHART STANDSThe perfect way to display pocket charts! flash cards, sentence strips and moreneatly and conveniently!Charts comeOur rugged metal stands are fully adjustableand feature tough chrome-in 3 sizes, all with stitched-on plastic pockets and metal grommets for easyplated steel frames for lasting durability.Stands are available in 2 sizes, hanging.For each chart listed below, please specify colour:red, blue or green. each with 5 metal rings for easy hanging and locking casters for mobility. LK297 n Heavy-Duty Pocket ChartThe 10 rows of pockets holdLA964 nAdjustable Pocket Chart StandAdjusts from 46 12 " to cards up to 4" high and 31 12 " long.Nylon chart is 33 12 " x 41 12 " high. 47.95 71" high; 36" wide.Fits all our small and standard-size pocket charts. 109.95RR476 n Heavy-Duty Extra-Wide Pocket ChartFeatures 10 extra- RR565 nExtra-Wide Adjustable Pocket Chart Standwide rows of clear-view pockets; measures a big 55 12 " x 41 12 " high. 72.95 Sturdy steel stand measures a big 62" widewith plenty of space to display LK522 n Heavy-Duty Small Pocket ChartThe 6 rows of clearany of our hanging pocket charts.Adjusts from 48 12 " to 75" high. 159.95pockets hold cards up to 3 12 " x 26".Nylon chart is 26" x 27" high. 36.95 RA415 nExtra Chart Stand Rings - Set of 5Steel; 4 34 " diam.13.95SENTENCE STRIPSThese ready-to-use sentence strips measure 3" x 24" and are ruled at 1 12 ".You get 100 strips in each pack.NF9763nWhite Sentence Strips7.95 NF9765nRainbow Sentence Strips 8.95WRITE & WIPE SENTENCE STRIPSThese 3" x 24" strips can be used again and again!Each pack includes 30 strips ruled at 1 12 ".(Not shown.)WS158nWrite & Wipe White Sentence Strips16.95AA853nLITERACY CENTRES MANAGEMENT CHARTThe ideal way WS157nWrite & Wipe Rainbow Sentence Strips 18.95to organize independent literacy centres!Our 26" x 27" nylon chart comes with LC1561nSENTENCE STRIPS STORAGE BOX illustrated cards for 20 centres.Just slip the centre cards into the chart, add the Sturdy box holds up to 400 sentence strips.With 4 handy dividers. 21.95 colour-coded write & wipe name and header cards to organize each groupand kids can instantly see where they should be working!With a total of 55 write & wipe cards and over 80 centre cards (4 cards per centre, plus blanks). 79.95Lakeshore'