b'STEM 111Gr. Level K 1 2 3 4 5TT231\x1fJUMBO SIMPLE MACHINE BUILDERSStudents get hands on with STEM astheybuildjumbo-sizesimple machines!Fromareal-working dolly to a functioning pulley system, kidscandesignandconstruct differentcontraptionsthenuse themtoexploremotion,weight, gravity and more.Plus, our set includes kid-friendly materials like predrilledwoodenboardsand easy-grip nuts & bolts that make construction a cinchno tools required!You get 279 pieces; longest board is 37 12 ".Bucket not included. 849.95Grade Level K 1 2 3LL570\x1fENGINEER-A-COASTER ACTIVITY KITKids design their own roller coasterand experiment withhow track positions affect the disk as it rolls and falls!The magnetictrackssticktoanyflatmagneticsurface,so theyre perfect with our Stand-Up Magnetic Design Centre(sold separately below).You get 5 double-sided challenge cards,3disks,agoalboxand10magnetictracks. Longest track measures 15". 91.95 LA583\x1fStand-Up Magnetic Design CentreWood centre is magnetic and write & wipe on both sides!Measures 22"w x 11 34 "d x 33"h.Easy assembly. 219.95Grade Level K 1 Each centre is also available separately. PP750X\x1fDESIGN & BUILD ENGINEERING CENTRESPP751\x1fBridge Building CentreIncludes480plasticbridgebuildingpiecesand8photo What makes a bridge strong?How do vehicles roll, tow & carry things?Our engagingcards.Longest piece is 4 78 ". 89.95building centres teach kids to look closer at real-life designsand make original structures that use the same important elements!Created to encourage open-ended building withPP752\x1fVehicle Building Centreminimal teacher involvement, each centre has 8 photo cards showing actual bridges,You get 60 snap-together plastic pieces and 8 photo cards. vehicles and buildings, plus tons of hands-on manipulatives that invite kids to build, exploreLongest piece measures 2 34 ". 81.95and engineeragain and again!For easy reference, the back of each photo card explainsPP753\x1fHouse Building Centrekey elements for each designso its a cinch to guide childrens learning.All 3 centres,With 130 geometric, interlocking plastic pieces and 8 photo each in an 11 12 " plastic storage box. 279.95 cards.Longest piece is 4". 114.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'