b'Flex-Space Furniture 13Modern MapleLIFETIMEWARRANTY Sturdy media shelves fold LC239 down for compact storage.LC238Store electronic devices in the top compartment.BINDER STORAGE CENTRES Removable shelf hides Large storage compartment on bottom locks to keep valuable Heres a space-saving way to store and organize tons ofcords and outlets below. items and equipment secure.binders!Our rugged laminate centres fit into any corner,LK398STORE-IT-ALL MOBILE LOCKING MEDIA TOWERStore & connect all your class-and the unique curved design keeps every binder in\x1fview.G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty.Eachroom media technology!Our space-saving unit has 2 locking compartments:The handy top com-unit comes assembled.Binders not included. partment is great for storing laptops, tablets & other compact devicesall atop a removable shelf LC238 \x1f2-Shelf CentreHolds up to 28 binders;that hides a power strip and HDMI & VGA ports belowwhile the spacious bottom compartment is measures 16 12 "w x 16 12 "d x 26 14 "h. 459.95 ideal for teacher manuals, books & more.The exterior has 2 fold-up side shelves that lock in placeto expand your work areaconvenient cutouts for cable managementplus extra AC outlets & USB LC239 \x1f3-Shelf CentreHolds up to 42 binders;ports for charging even more devices.Laminate unit is 31"w x 19 34 "d x 38 12 "h with the side shelves measures 16 12 "w x 16 12 "d x 39"h. 659.95 folded down; includes 4 locking casters.G REENGUARDCertified.Comes assembled. 1999.95LK427 LK428LK426MOBILE STORAGE TRAY CENTRES LK426\x1f18-Tray Storage CentreFrom everyday supplies and materials to notebooks, school-to-home communication and moreourMeasures 28"w x 17"d x 39 12 "h. 1999.95portable centres provide convenient access to essential items anywhere in the classroom!Each heavy- LK427\x1f27-Tray Storage Centreduty laminate centre includes handy removable storage trays that slide in and out easily, with built-inMeasures 41 34 "w x 17"d x 39 12 "h. 2599.95stoppers to prevent the trays from falling.Plus, the centres roll on four 4" locking castersso theyre a cinch to move exactly where you need them!Durable plastic trays come in 3 colours and measureLK428\x1f36-Tray Storage Centre12 14 " x 14 34 " x 3" high.G REENGUARDCertified.Lifetime warranty.All units come assembled. Measures 55 12 "w x 17"d x 39 12 "h. 3099.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'