b'Social Studies 129Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6 Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6AW447\x1fCLASSIC GT539\x1fHANDS-ON SCHOOL GLOBE TEACHING GLOBEReinforce world geographywithGive kids a hands-on view of the afull-colourschoolglobethatentire worldwith our lightweight, provides a super-clear view offree-mountedteachingglobe! Earth!Perfect for the classroom,The detailed 10" globe sits on a this student-friendly globe featuresremovable base, so students can simple, easy-to-see outlines, pluseasily lift and rotate the globe to get well-defined countries and legiblean up-close and accurate view of textwith enough detail to holdthe worlds continents, geographical kids interest without overwhelmingborders and more!Plus, the bold them.The handy school globeand colourful design, clear text, measures 12" in diameter and isand latitude and longitude lines mounted on a solid wood base formake it easy to locate and identify easy viewing. 69.95 countries.79.95Grade Level 3 4 5 6WRITE & WIPE MAPSStudents explore provinces,countries, continents & morewith full-colour maps they can write right onthen wipe clean to use again and again!Choose from maps in a giant, 28" x 40" wall sizeor a smaller, 8 12 " x 11" size for desktop use.The desktop versions have a Canada Map on the front and a World Map on the back! UCN247 \x1f Canada & The World Desktop Map - Each3.95UCN247X\x1f Canada & The World Desktop Map - Set of 1036.95UKT594 \x1f Canada & The World Wall Maps - Each26.95DD103\x1f Write & Wipe Markers - In 4 colours.Set of 46.95Write & wipe!Grade Level K 1 2 35 centres thatPP910X\x1fSOCIAL STUDIES INSTANT LEARNING CENTRES - set up in an instant! COMPLETE SETPut important social studies concepts right at kids fingertipswith ready-to-use learning centres that set up in a flash!Simply set out the easy-to-follow, illus-trated instruction chart and all the hands-on materials children need to complete the activitythen students work at their own pace to discover fascinating facts, identify continents and oceans, explore cultures around the world, and more!All 5 centres, each with a guide and everything you need for up to 4 students at once.339.95Each centre is also available sep.Each69.95PP911\x1fEconomy PP915\x1fThen & NowPP913\x1fLandforms & Mapping(Shown.)PP914\x1fCultures Around the World PP916\x1fContinents & OceansEach centre has enough materials for up to 4 students at once! Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'