b'Teaching Resources 135TT730X \x1fNEON HEAVY-DUTY BOOK BINS - SET OF 6Our classroom-tough bins make it super-easy to store and organize books, supplies and more!Each durable plastic bin has molded, easy-grip handlesso theyre a breeze to carry anywhere.You get a set of 6 bins in 6 colours; each bin measures 11 34 " x 14 14 " x 7 12 " high. 114.95TT729\x1fNeon Heavy-Duty Book Bin Please specify colour:bright orange, bright yellow, bright pink, bright blue, bright green or bright purple.Each19.95TT305X\x1fNEON CLASSROOM SUPPLYTT588 \x1fNEON HEAVY-DUTY STORAGETT192\x1fNEON HEAVY-DUTY CADDIES - SET OF 6 BOXESConvenient storage for all sorts ofPAPER TRAYSKeep worksheets, assign-Use our caddies to store and tote lotsmaterials and suppliesin vibrant neon coloursments and other papers organized!Our sturdy of classroom supplies!Includes 6 toughthat brighten up any space!Tough polypropyleneplastic tray holds paper up to 9" x 12" and mea-plastic caddies in 6 colours.Caddiesboxes are 13 14 " x 8" x 5" high.Specify colour:sures 11" x 14" x 3" high.Please specify colour: measure 9 14 " x 9 14 " x 3 12 " high. 69.95 bright blue, bright yellow, bright pink, bright green,bright purple, bright yellow, bright green, bright TT304\x1fNeon Classroom Supply Caddybright orange or bright purple. Each12.95 orange, bright pink or bright blue.Each16.95Please specify colour:bright green, brightTT589 \x1f Storage Box LidsSpecify colour:TT193\x1fPaper Tray LidsSpecify colour: blue, bright orange, bright purple, brightbright blue, bright yellow, bright prink, bright green,bright purple, bright yellow, bright green, bright yellow or bright pink.Each11.95 bright orange or bright purple. Each6.45 orange, bright pink or bright blue.Each7.95TT300X\x1fNEON STORE-IT-ALL ROTATING CADDIES - SET OF 4 Keep classroom essentials organized andrightwhereyouneedthemwithoursuper-convenientrotating caddies!Perfectforstoringpens, glue sticks, scissors and other impor-tantsupplies,eachvibrantcaddy features 4 roomy compartmentsa compact, circular design that works greatinanyspaceplusabuilt-in handle at the top so its a cinch to toteanywhere.Setof4durable metalcaddiesin4colours;each caddy is 8 12 " in diameter. 209.95TT393\x1fNeon Store-It-All Rotating CaddyPlease specify colour:bright blue, bright pink, bright green or bright purple.Each54.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'