b'Reading 61mastering basic skillsGrade Level 1 2 Grade Level 3 4LM230X\x1fGRAB & PLAY READING GAMES - GR. 1-2 - LM260X\x1fGRAB & PLAY READING GAMES - GR. 3-4 - COMPLETE SET COMPLETESETStudents answer vocabulary questions to cross a Boost key skills with our exciting, ready-to-go reading games!Kids just poptreacherous ice fieldmake inferences to collect game tiles and conquer a open a box to earn points in an informational text trivia challengeembark onmedieval castledrop parachutes on a target to score pointsif they use a literature adventure on a tropical islandmatch up pictures and words in acontext clues correctlyand more!Our super-fun games set up in a snap and memory-style phonics gameand so much more!Set of all 6 games, each withinclude everything kids need to play right inside an easy-tote box.You get all everything needed to play.Game boards are 12".For 2-4 players. 234.95 6 games, each for 2-4 players.Game boards measure 12". 234.95Each game is also available separately. Each game is also available separately.LM232\x1fReading Literature 39.95 LM261\x1fMaking Inferences 39.95LM233\x1fPhonics 39.95 LM262\x1fFigurative Language 39.95LM234\x1fCapitalization & Punctuation 39.95 LM263\x1fGrammar 39.95LM235\x1fParts of Speech 39.95 LM265\x1fText Structure 39.95LM236\x1fContext Clues 39.95 LM266\x1fContext Clues 39.95LM231\x1fInformational Text(Shown.) 39.95 LM264\x1fVocabulary(Shown.) 39.95Shown:Picture-WordsGrade Level K 1 2 3VF540X\x1fREADING FLASH CARD LIBRARYIdeal for skills review and test preparation, these handy flash cards give students the practice they needGrade Level 3 4 5to master spelling skills, boost vocabulary, use words in context and more!SetLL863 n5-MINUTE VOCABULARY PRACTICE CARDSof all 7 packs listed below, each with 72-96 cards.99.95Studentsgetfocusedpracticeusingcontextclues,definingidioms, Each pack is also available separately. Each14.95 identifying synonyms and antonyms, and moreas they complete our VF541\x1fPicture-Words(Shown.) VF542\x1fMore Picture-Words quick, high-interest quiz cards!Each double-sided card features multiple-VF548\x1fConsonants,VF545\x1fSight-Words choice questions that target an essential vocabulary skill, giving students Blends & Digraphs VF546\x1fAction Words valuable test prep practice.Comes with 125 cards in 5 skill areas, plus VF549\x1fWord Families VF547\x1fVowels & Vowel Teams 5 answer cardsall in a sturdy box.Cards are 4" x 6". 64.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'