b'70 Readingphonological awareness & phonicsB says /b/I can hear myself talking!Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6 Shown:Beginning Sounds PuzzlesEE538\x1fHEAR MYSELF SOUNDPHONEOur fun-to-use phone lets kidsGrade Level K 1hear themselves talk and focus on everyEE905X\x1fPHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS LEARNING PUZZLES - COMPLETE SETsound they say!Great for reading out loud,Students piece together early language skills with our colourful puzzles!To complete each puzzle, children self-monitoring speed and expression,simply find 3 picture pieces that rhyme or have a matching beginning, middle or ending sound.Only correct practicing phonics and more.Easy-gripanswers fit together perfectlygiving kids instant reinforcement as they master early phonological skills. plastic phone is 6 34 " long. Each11.95 All 4 sets, each with 12 three-piece puzzles and a guide.Sturdy chipboard puzzles measure 5" x 6". 94.95EE539\x1fHear Myself Sound Phone -EE906\x1fBeginning Sounds(Shown.) 24.95 EE908\x1fEnding Sounds 24.95Set of 10 114.95 EE907\x1fMiddle Sounds24.95 EE909\x1fRhyming Sounds 24.95Grade Level K 1LC126\x1fALPHABET LEARNING LOCKSOurlearninglockshelpchildren recognize uppercase and lowercase letters, build alphabet skills and more! Kids simply choose a key and match ittotheletterandpictureonthe lockwhen they make a successful match, the key will turn, and the lock willopenforinstantreinforcement! You get 26 locks and 26 keys; locks Match the letters onmeasure 3 14 " tall. 89.95the locks and keys to open the locks!Each centre has materials for up to 4 children! Shown:Sound SwitchGrade Level K 1 Each centre is also available separately. EE820X\x1fPHONEMIC AWARENESS INSTANT LEARNING CENTRES TT822 \x1fBeginning Sounds 57.95These ready-to-use centres come with everything kids need to build phonemic awarenessTT823 \x1fEnding Sounds 57.95independentlyjust set out the materials, introduce the activityand let kids work at their ownEE185 \x1fMiddle Sounds 57.95pace!Each centre is designed for up to 4 kids at once, with a double-sided instruction chart andEE181 \x1fSyllable Count57.95simple picture instructions that are easy for students to follow on their own.All 6 centres. 339.95 EE182 \x1fSound Sort 57.95EE183 \x1fSound Switch(Shown.) 57.95Lakeshore'