b'Math 45operations & algebraic thinkingShown:Addition Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5TT330X\x1fMATH FACTS FOLDER GAME LIBRARIES - COMPLETE SETWhat better way to learn essential math facts than with hands-on games that are super-fun to play!Each library comes complete with 10 folder games, so up to 10 students can play at oncewith no prep work required.Children simply grab a folder and the colour-coded pouch of gamepiecesfollowtheillustrated3-step instructions on the folder to play the game inde-pendentlythen use the included answer card to check their own work.And, because each library focuses on a single operation, students receive all the reinforcement they need to master the math facts!The complete set includes all 4 libraries listed below (40 games total); each folder measures 9 14 " x 11 58 ". 329.95Each library is also available separately.TT326\x1fAddition Facts LibraryFocusesonadditionfactsandstrategiesfor sums within 20.(Shown.) 82.95TT327\x1fSubtraction Facts LibraryKids get plenty of hands-on practice subtracting numbers 0 through 10.82.95TT328\x1fMultiplication Facts LibraryStudents learn to fluently multiply within 100, mastering factors 1 through 10. 82.95TT329\x1fDivision Facts LibraryDividing up to 100 is a cinchwith folder games that cover divisors 1 through 10. 82.95Shown:Grade 1 Shown:SubtractionGrade Level 1 2 3 4 5Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5 TT850XnTOWER OF MATH GAMES - COMPLETE SETMATH MINUTES REPRODUCIBLE ACTIVITIES In these fun-filled games, the excitement and suspense build with each players These handy workbooks feature 100 one-minute activitieseach consistingturnalong with essential math skills!To play, students remove one block at a of 10 problems designed to help students build basic math skills, increasetime from the tower of math, then solve the problem on the block aloud.If they computational speed and enhance their overall fluency!The reproducibleanswer correctly, they keep the blockbut if they make the tower tumble, theyll activities cover a variety of grade-appropriate math skills and present ahave to start again!At the end of the game, the player with the most blocks range of questionsall in a timed-test format that motivates and challengeswins!All 4 games, each with 48 wooden blocks, plus a guide with an answer students.Each paperback book measures 8 12 " x 11" and is 112 pages. key and instructions for more ways to play.Blocks measure 3" long. 214.95GF581nGrade 1(Shown.) 41.95 Each game is also available separately.GF582nGrade 2 41.95 TT852nSubtraction Tower of Math Game(Shown.) 54.95GF583nGrade 3 41.95 TT851nAddition Tower of Math Game 54.95GF584nGrade 4 41.95 TT853nMultiplication Tower of Math Game 54.95GF585nGrade 5 41.95 TT854nDivision Tower of Math Game 54.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'