b'Math 59manipulativesLL879\x1fLinking Centimeter LL979\x1fArea TilesCubesSet of 1,200 plastic cubes inReinforceareaandperimeterina 10coloursperfectformeasuring,concrete, visual waywith our giant patterning&more!Eachis1cm. set of 600 tiles!Tiles are 1". 51.9569.95Grade Level 3 4 5 6LL860X\x1fUPPER GRADES MATH MANIPULATIVE LIBRARYFrom probability and place value to area and fractions, our comprehensive manipulative library reinforces essential math concepts that support upper-grade curricula!Each plastic tub includes enough hands-on supplies for the whole class to explore concepts at once, plus a guideLL986\x1fProtractors LL859\x1fMeasuring Tapesfilled with skill-building activities.You get a complete set of all 12 tubsStudents draw, measure and identifySet of 36 double-sided vinyl measur-shownall in an easy-access storage centre.The metal storage centreangles with clear plastic protractors.ingtapeswithinchandcentimeter measures 26"w x 12 12 "d x 19 12 "h. 699.95 Set of 30; each is 6". 64.95 marks.Each is 5 feet. 53.95LL982\x1fWhole Number Place LL976\x1fDecimal OperationsLL983\x1fFractions, Decimals & LL970\x1fFraction MultipliersValue CardsOver 200 colour-codedGrids100 grids provide visual sup- Percents CirclesChildren com- Students lay 50 transparent tiles over cards cover place value from ones toport for adding, subtracting and com- pare fractions, decimals and percents.50 fraction cards and really see how to millions!Largest is 5 34 ". 54.95 paring decimals!Each is 4". 54.95 350 pcs.; half circles are 4". 59.95 multiply fractions.Each is 3". 61.95LL984\x1fProbability Spinners LL981\x1fEquation TilesExploreLL985\x1fCard Decks18 decks ofLL988\x1fFactor TrianglesMake predictions, spin for outcomes equations and algebraic thinking with52 miniature, 2 12 " cards make it easyStudents find factors and prime num-then practice expressing probabilities! 250 double-sided, 1 12 " tiles!Withto explore number sense, operationsberswithover160colour-coded 24 spinners; 4 14 " diameter. 54.95 numbers, letters and more. 61.95 and more!936 cards total. 64.95 triangles!Largest is 2 34 " tall. 61.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'