b'54 MathmanipulativesGrade Level K 1 2 3GG905Xn HANDS-ON MATH TEACHING KITS - K-GR. 3 - COMPLETE SETIts easy to demonstrate and reinforce math concepts with our hands-on teaching kits!Each kit includes 20 packs of student manipulatives that focus on a specific math conceptfrom place value to fractions.Simply use the manipulatives to review key concepts with a small or large group of stu-dentsor encourage children to use the manipulatives to practice skills on their own!Each kit also includes a teachers guide with reproducible activ-ity mats and step-by-step directions.You get all 3 kits shown below, each in a 14 34 "w x 10"d x 5 18 "h storage box. 619.95GG906 n Ten-Frames Hands-On Kit GG902 n Base 10 Hands-On KitComes with 20 packs of chipboard Our versatile ten-frames help children practice grouping, adding to 20, skip- base 10 pieces (each with 20 ones, 15 tens and 9 hundreds)plus a teachers counting and more!You get 20 pouches, each with 2 ten-frames andguide with reproducible activity mats that encourage students to compare 20 double-sided counters, plus a teachers guide. 209.95 numbers, practice regrouping, use expanded notation and more. 209.95GG843nTen-Frames Extra Student Pack .GG845 nBase 10 Extra Student Pack2 ten-frames and 20 counters in a storage pouch. 11.95 You get a set of 44 chipboard base 10 pieces in a vinyl storage pouch. 11.95GG904nFractions Hands-On KitYou get 20 packs of 51 colour-coded fraction bars representing wholes through twelfthsplus a teachers guide with reproducible activity mats that help students compare fractions, identify equivalents and more! 209.95GG847nFractions Extra Student PackYou get a set of 51 chipboard fraction bars in a vinyl storage pouch. 11.95Lakeshore'