b"24 Flex-Space FurnitureLearning ZonesFloor Seat FeaturesSeat back adjusts to 5 different positions!Seats fold and stack for convenient storage!LC1412\x1fCOMFY FLOOR TABLE ZONEGive students a super-inviting place to collaboratewithIncludes:4 cozy seats and a low-to-the-ground table that are perfect for contemporary classrooms!Ideal for flexible 4 Comfy Floor Seatsseating, the chairs (LC405, p. 3) have cushioned back supports that adjust to the perfect positionsimply Round Floor Table - Modern Maplelift the backs to a comfortable height, then just lay them flat for convenient storage!Plus, each seat has a removable, machine-washable microfibre cover.The durable floor table (LC680, p. 11) provides a sturdySpecify floor seat colour:surface for writing, reading and much moreand its height-adjustableto give kids exactly the right fit.green orangeTable is G REENGUARDCertified, comes with a lifetime warranty and is easy to assemble.Please specifyblue greyfloor seat colour:green, blue, orange or grey.1299.95LC1413\x1fWRITE & WIPE COLLABORATION ZONE Includes:With our inviting learning zone, its more convenient than ever to support collaboration and communi-4 Write & Wipe Mobile Student Deskscation in the 21st-century classroom!The innovative, height-adjustable mobile desks (LC662, p. 21) 4 Comfy Stoolsfeature write & wipe surfaces that let up to four kids jot down ideas, make sketches, solve problems Grey Comfy Rectangular Classroom Carpetand moreand easily share with each other!A perfect fit for the desks, the wipe-clean stools (LC231, p. 3) keep students super-comfy as they work.Plus, the stools are easy to move anywhere on theSpecify stool colour:plush, soil-resistant carpet (LC862, p. 27)ideal for reconfiguring to promote interaction.Easy-to- green orangeassemble desks are G REENGUARDCertified and come with a 5-year warranty.Carpet measures 6' x 9'blueand includes a 10-year warranty.Please specify stool colour: green, blue or orange. 5299.95Lakeshore"