b'Reading 77sight-wordsFind the sight-words.Build the sight-words.Write the sight-words. Match the sight-words. Grade Level K 1 2LC345X \x1f SIGHT-WORD MAGNETS - COMPLETE SETGrade Level K 1 Our leveled magnets make it easy to introduce sight-wordsand practice word TT682\x1fLEARNING SIGHT-WORDS ACTIVITY CHEST identification, reading, word usage and more!Each level includes 25 words that gradually increase in difficulty, plus a guide.All 4 levels; magnets measure A super-engaging way for kids to explore sight-wordshands on!approximately 1 12 ". 229.95Our ready-to-use chest has 4 drawers filled with activity mats, chips, foam letters and tiles so children can match, find, build and writeEach level is also available separately.sight-words!Contains over 100 pieces, including 26 cards, 52 mats,LC341 \x1f Level 159.95 LC343 \x1f Level 359.95foam letters, plastic chips and a write & wipe marker.Activity chestLC342 \x1f Level 259.95 LC344 \x1f Level 459.95measures 5 14 " x 11"; activity mats are 7". 119.95 PH345 \x1f Magnetic Write & Wipe Board - 18" x 24"79.95Shown:Level 1 Shown:Level 1Grade Level K 1 Grade Level K 1 2TT795X\x1f SIGHT-WORD SENTENCE PUZZLES - COMPLETE SETTT460X\x1fTOWER OF SIGHT-WORDS GAMES - COMPLETE SETOur puzzles help students match sight-words in the context ofOur fun-filled games help students master sight-words!To play, children sentences!Each self-correcting puzzle is made up of 2 pieces remove one block from the tower and read the sight-word aloud.Students get one with an engaging illustrated scene, plus a rebus-style, fill-in- to keep the block if they read the word correctlybut if the tower crumbles, the-blank sentenceand the other with the missing sight-word.theyll have to start again!The player with the most blocks at the end of the Students simply find the sight-word to complete the sentence game wins.Complete set includes all 3 levels, each with 51 wooden blocks and put the puzzle together!Complete set includes all 3 levelsand a guide with instructions for additional ways to play and learn.Blocks (60 puzzles total); puzzles measure 5 12 " x 6 12 ". 114.95 measure 3" in length. 144.95Each level is also available separately. Each level is also available separately. LTT797\x1fLevel 120 self-correcting puzzles.(Shown.) 39.95 TT461\x1fTower of Sight-Words Game - Level 1(Shown.) 49.95LTT798\x1fLevel 220 self-correcting puzzles. 39.95 TT462\x1fTower of Sight-Words Game - Level 249.95LTT799\x1fLevel 320 self-correcting puzzles. 39.95 TT463\x1fTower of Sight-Words Game - Level 349.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'