b'Flex-Space Furniture 7flexible seatingMultiple seating options to fit your classrooms needs! Specify colour:greenblueorangeLC812 LC246 LC813 LC348 LC274 greyLOUNGE & LEARN MODULAR SEATING LC812\x1fLounge & Learn ChairMake the most of your space with modular seating thats effortlessSeat is 14" high; chair measures 20"w x 21"d x 25"h. 529.95toarrangeandrearrangetomeetyourclassroomsneeds!LC246\x1fLounge & Learn Couch for TwoCombine our Lounge & Learn Curved Couch with our 2- or 3-seatSeat is 14" high; couch measures 35"w x 21"d x 25"h. 869.95Lounge & Learn Couches to maximize valuable corner spaceorLC813\x1fLounge & Learn Couch for Threeuse our multipurpose ottoman as seating, a table or a footrest Seat is 14" high; couch measures 50"w x 21"d x 25"h. 1099.95the possibilities are endless!Plus, the seats and seat backs are paddedwithhigh-densityfoamtoprovideextrasupportandLC348\x1fLounge & Learn Curved Couch comfort.And it couldnt be easier to keep each piece looking likeSeat is 14" high; couch measures 50"w x 21"d x 25"h. 1299.95newsimply wipe the smooth, durable vinyl clean!All units comeLC274\x1fLounge & Learn Ottomanassembled.Please specify colour:green, blue, orange or grey. Ottoman measures 20"w x 20"d x 14"h. 409.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'