b'Literature & Informational Texts 91leveled librariesEach bin comes with 5 books, 60 book stickers, a bin label, a reproducible activity and a guide.Grade Level K 1 2 3 4TT160X\x1fLEVELED BOOKS CLASSROOM LIBRARY 2Our second library is filled with even more level-appropriate books designed to get students excited about reading!The 80 titles provide FF464\x1fLEVELED LIBRARY MOBILE STORAGE CART a variety of reading experiences at every levelso theyre perfect for Specially designed for our Leveled Books Libraries, this super-sturdy cart storesdifferentiated instruction.Each level includes a bin with a starter set of and organizes up to 16 book binsand easily transports them anywhere!Ideal for5 paperback books leveled using Fountas and Pinnells systemplus literacy centres or shared book rooms, our metal cart has 3 racks for book binstons of stickers that let you label the books for easy identification. (sold separately), plus a removable wire tray with 2 roomy compartments Library includes all 16 bins, each with 5 books, 60 book stickers, a providing easy access to reading reproducibles, graphic organizers and more.Itbin label, a reproducible activity and a guide. 1379.95even has built-in hooks to hang our Checkout Chart (sold sep. below).MeasuresSee chart to order individual bins and book sets.33"w x 15 38 "d x 44"h; with 2 locking casters.Easy assembly. 319.95 Reading Book Bin Extra Book SetAA750X\x1fBook Bins - Set of 16Each is 14" x 5 14 " x 7 14 " high. 199.95 Level (w/ 5 books, stickers & guide) (5 books)FF576\x1fLEVELED LIBRARY A (K)TT161 84.95 TT911 64.95CHECKOUT CHARTPerfect forB (K) TT162 89.95 TT972 67.95use with our storage cart listed above, this convenient Checkout Chart makesC (K) TT163 84.95 TT973 59.95it easy to keep track of all your leveled books!The 16" x 25" chart featuresD (K-Gr. 1) TT164 82.95 TT974 59.95100 double-sided checkout cards,E (Gr. 1) TT165 79.95 TT915 57.95with space to write in the book title, dates and students names.You alsoF(Gr. 1) TT166 88.95 TT916 66.95get 26 letter cards that correspond toG (Gr. 1) TT167 89.95 TT917 69.95each leveled binso its easy to find the checkout card you need! 74.95 H (Gr. 1) TT168 88.95 TT918 66.95I (Gr. 1) TT169 97.95 TT919 74.95J (Gr. 1-2) TT171 79.95 TT941 54.95K (Gr. 2) TT172 88.95 TT942 66.95L (Gr. 2) TT173 89.95 TT943 67.95M (Gr. 2-3) TT174 89.95 TT944 67.95N (Gr. 3) TT177 84.95 TT947 64.95You get 100 checkout cards, plus 26 letter cards to label each level! O (Gr. 3) TT178 89.95 TT948 68.95P(Gr. 3-4) TT179 89.95 TT949 67.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'