b'Reading 71phonological awareness & phonicsShown:Rhyming SoundsGrade Level K 1LL435X\x1fMAGNETIC SOUND SORTING BOARDS - COMPLETE SETStudents match a sock with a clock, a block and a rockand get the practice they need to build phonemicGrade Level K 1 2awareness!Each set listed below focuses on a different concept LC682\x1fVOWEL TEACHING TUBS with 72 picture magnets covering 18 phon ics soundsplus anThese tubs help kids master vow el soundsand develop word recog nition and 8" x 10 12 " magnetic board for easy sorting.Just place 3 starter mag- decod ing skills, too!The tubs are filled with minia tures that represent 10 vowelnets at the top, then students add magnets to the columns below tosoundswith separate tubs for long and short vowels.Kids practice vowel sort words that share the same sound!You get all 3 sets. 189.95 sounds as they explore the objects, sort themor match them to the words on the Each set is also available separately. lids!You get 10 tubs, 60 miniatures and a guide.(Shown.) 169.95LL436\x1fBeginning Sounds 64.95 LA374\x1fBLENDS & DIGRAPHS TEACHING TUBSLL438\x1fEnding Sounds 64.95 Our 12 tubs and 60 miniatures focus on initial blend and digraph sounds.The tubs LL439\x1fRhyming Sounds(Shown.) 64.95 are labeled and come with an activity guide. 169.95Each centreis designed for up to 4 students at once! Shown:Short VowelsGrade Level 1 2 Each centre is also available separately.PP620X\x1fPHONICS INSTANT LEARNING CENTRES PP621\x1fPrefixes & Suffixes 64.95Children explore vowel sounds, decode 2-syllable words, master prefixes and morewith ready-to- PP622\x1fDecoding 2-Syllable Words 64.95 use centres that build skills independently!Just set out the materials and double-sided instructionPP623\x1fBlends & Digraphs 64.95 chartthen students follow the simple step-by-step directions to complete the activityat their ownPP625\x1fFinal E 64.95 pace!You get all 6 centres, each with enough materials for up to 4 kids at once, plus a guide, aPP624\x1fVowel Teams64.95 write & wipe assessment card and more. 379.95 PP626\x1fShort Vowels(Shown.) 64.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'