b'Teaching Resources 133PP422\x1fHOLD-IT-ALL TEACHER TOTEPerfect for toting classwork, planTAKE-HOME BACKPACKS bookseven your lunch!Roomy tote is made of machine-washable canvas; withIts easy to keep track of what kids take homewith our see-inside 2 carrying straps.Measures 15" x 17 12 ". 37.95 backpacks!Each pack has two clear zippered pockets with tons of PP423\x1fALL-PURPOSE TEACHERS APRONroom for books, journals and other suppliesplus adjustable straps Machine-washable, full-length canvas apron features 3 pockets for suppliesandto fit a range of sizes.The large pack even features padded straps adjusts to fit all sizes, from womens Petite to mens XXL.Measures 29" long. 44.95 and a reinforced bottom!Small backpack fits ages 4-5 and measures 9 12 "l x 3"w x 12"h; straps adjust from 14" to 25".Large backpack fits PP424\x1f ALL-PURPOSE TEACHERS UTILITY APRON ages 6-10 and measures 10 12 "l x 5"w x 14 34 "h; straps adjust from 16 34 " Keep supplies handy with a 29"-wide canvas apron that ties around your waist!to 28 34 ".See the chart below to order.Machine-washable with 3 big pockets; adjusts to fit all sizes. 32.95Size Each Set of 10Small RR75218.95 RR752X 179.95GG338\x1fTAKE-HOME POUCH (Specify:red, blue or green.)Now its easy to transport materials between school and homeand commu-nicate important information to families!Featuring a hook & loop closure, ourLarge(Comes in blue.) GG96438.95 GG964X384.95pouch is sized to hold everything from lunch money and permission slips to notebooks and homeworkyear after year!Rugged vinyl pouch is 10 12 " x 13".Each9.95GG338X\x1fTake-Home Pouch - Set of 1094.95 AT-YOUR-SEAT STORAGE SACKSOur handy nylon storage sacks put supplies right within reach and keep desks neat and clutter-free!They have 2 easy-accesspockets:a small one on top for supplies like scissors and pencilsplusabig, reinforcedbottom pocketforbooks, notebooksand more.Regular sack is 16 14 "w x 15"h and fits chair backs up to 13" wide.Extra-large sack is 18"w x 15"h and fits chair backs up to 15" wide.See the chart below to order.JJ110Roomy lower pocket is reinforced to hold heavy items like books!Size Each Set of 10Regular JJ11021.95 JJ110X214.95Extra-Large JJ12028.95 JJ120X284.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'