b'Reading 83reading comprehensionShown:Making InferencesFICTIONGreen UtensilsFrom casual-dining restaurants to school lunch boxesplastic utensils are everywhere.Plastic forks and spoons are convenient, but they are not biodegradable.Plastic is a material that does not break down naturally. When food and other natural products are put in a garbage heap, they are broken down by air, moisture, or soil.They become a part of the surrounding land.Some companies offer an Earth-friendly solution to the plastic problem by producingutensilsthatcanbreakdown.Theyusenaturalmaterialssuchasplantsandminerals to make biodegradable utensils.These types of utensils break down in about 120 days. How does the author feel about the use of plastic utensils?First to the MoonOn July 16, 1969, millions of people all over the world gathered around their TV sets.They watched the liftoff of Apollo 11, the first spaceflight to send humans to the moon.Just four days later, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon.The United States and the Soviet Union had been competing for months to see who would make it to the moon first.When Armstrong stepped onto the moons surface, he announced, Thats one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.Glued to their televisions, people watched Aldrin and Armstrong hopping about the moons surface.The astronauts collected rocks and soil, planted an American flag, and left behind footprints that are still visible on the moon today!Why do you think the astronauts planted an American flag on the moon?Womens Right to VoteIts hard to imagine a time when women could not vote.But in the early days of the United States, women were denied this right.Some women tried to change state laws.Wyoming became the first state to allow women to vote in 1890.Twenty-eight years later, only 15 states had given women the right to vote.More than half the country still opposed voting rights for women!Despite a lot of opposition, women such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul decided to try to change the laws of the entire country.They organized marches, held meetings, and took cases to court to fight voting laws.All their hard work paid off.In 1920, Congress adopted the 19th Amendment, giving all women the right to vote!Why do you think some women thought it was necessary to change U.S. voting laws instead of individual state laws?GG681_PassageMats_W8_MA.indd 3 8/18/15 11:53 AMWhole-group lesson cardEnough reading materials for up to6 write & wipe and reproducible includes sample texts! 6 students to work on each activity! activity mats for students responses!Grade Level 4 5GG675X\x1fFINDING EVIDENCE COMPREHENSION KITS - GR. 4-5 - COMPLETE SETEncourage students to use text evidence to support their thinking!These versatile kits come with everything students need to focus on a specific skillfrom identifying the structure of nonfiction text to analyzing the characters in a story.Each kit includes a whole-group lesson card with sample texts that allow teachers to demonstrate the featured skill, plus 6 sets of materials in each of 4 different activity folders.Kids just follow the 3-step instructions and write their answers directly onto a write & wipe activity mat, citing textual evidence as they go.Plus, students can even check their work against the answers on the back of the folder!Includes all 8 kits; folders measure 9 14 " x 11 58 ". 589.95Each kit is also available separately.GG681\x1fMaking Inferences(Shown.) 74.95 GG680\x1fAnalyzing Characters74.95GG683\x1fCompare & Contrast74.95 GG679\x1fText Structure 74.95 GG677\x1fSummarizing74.95 GG678\x1fPoint of View74.95GG676\x1fTheme & Main Idea74.95 GG682\x1fAnalyzing Key Ideas74.95 DD105\x1fWrite & Wipe MarkersSet of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45Grades 1-2 Grades 3-4 Grades 4-5Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5DD812\x1fGrades 1-2Each9.95READING COMPREHENSION DAILY PRACTICE JOURNALSOur skill-building practice jour- DD817\x1fGrades 1-2 - Set of 1097.95nals help students develop reading comprehension skillsday by day!Designed to help children meetDD813\x1fGrades 3-4Each9.95key standards in grades 1-5, each journal features 35 weeks of daily comprehension activities thatDD818\x1fGrades 3-4 - Set of 1097.95encourage children to think critically about what they are reading.Students read an engaging fiction or nonfiction passage at the beginning of the week, then complete a different activity each day to deepenDD814\x1fGrades 4-5Each9.95their understanding of the text.Each journal is 76-78 pages long; with removable answer keys in back. DD819\x1fGrades 4-5 - Set of 1097.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'