b'64 Readingmastering basic skillsGrade Level K 1 2EE940XnREADING SKILLS ACTIVITY DICE - COMPLETE SETKids develop essential reading skills with every roll of our hands-on activity dice!As students roll, theyusethecolour-codeddicetobuildCVC words, identifysight-words,recognizespelling patterns and more.Plus, the jumbo dice are madeofdurablefoamforaquietclassroom experienceperfectforindependentlearning and small groups!Each set comes in a handy storage tub and includes 12 dice and an activity guide filled with lots of games.You get all 4 sets; dice measure 1 58 ". 174.95Each set is also available separately. EE946nWord Families 44.95EE947nCVC Words 44.95EE948nSight-Words 44.95EE949nPrefixes & Suffixes 44.95Grade Level 1 2 3FF420XnREADING & WRITING ACTIVITY STATIONS - COMPLETE SETStudents build essential language skills in 5 key areaswith fun-filled activity stations that let them work at their own pace! Each set features 4 different activities, all designed for up to 4 kids to work at oncewith enough hands-on materials for each student, plus a double-sided tent-based flip book.Just set out the materials, introduce the activitythen students follow the step-by-step instructions to find the main idea in a passage, build compound words, sort beginning and ending sounds, and more!All 5 sets listed below; each includes a guide with 4 reproducible activity sheets and a recording sheet for informal assessments. 659.95Each set is also available separately.FF421nPhonics 134.95 FF425nWriting 134.95FF422nWord Work 134.95 FF424nReading Comprehension FF423nVocabulary134.95 (Shown.) 134.95Activity 1:Roll-A-Question Cubes Activity 2:Nonfiction Scavenger HuntActivity 3:Read-A-Story RingsActivity 4:Comprehension Sorting Mats Shown:Reading ComprehensionLakeshore'