b'Math 39mastering basic skillsShown:Volume25 illustrated cards guide students through each activity! Grade Level 4 5 Each can is also available separately. PP118X\x1f MATH IN A FLASH! DISCOVERY CANS - COMPLETE SET PP416\x1f Volume(Shown.) 46.95Studentsgettargetedpracticewithplacevalue,fractions,decimals,multiplication,PP414\x1f Decimals 46.95divisionand so much more!Packed with hands-on manipulatives and 25 step-by-stepPP413\x1fFractions - Level 1 46.95questioncards,eachskill-buildingmathcanincludeseverythingchildrenneedtogetPP411\x1fFractions - Level 246.95focused practice with key math concepts.As students work through each can, theyll usePP409\x1fMultiplication & Division 46.95a protractor to measure angles, cubes to determine volumeand more.Plus, the self- PP417\x1fAngles & Symmetry 46.95checking question cards feature answers on the back, so theyre perfect for independentPP415\x1fMeasurement Conversion 46.95practice.Set of all 8 cans; each measures 6 12 " tall. 369.95 PP412\x1fPlace Value46.95For each skill, you get 18 decks of cards in a handy storage tub!Grade Level 1 2 3 4PP430XnBUILDING MATH SKILLS PLAYING CARDS - COMPLETE SET Each tub of cards is also available separately.Fractions War and morethere are so many ways to play with our fun-filled math cards!PP432nAddition & Subtraction64.95Each tub of cards focuses on a specific math skill.Students just grab a deck to use as tradi- PP431nMultiplication & Division64.95tional flash cardsor follow simple directions to play skill-building card games!You get allPP435nTime 64.955 tubs listed at right, each with 18 decks of cards and a guide featuring several card games.PP433nPlace Value 64.95Cards measure 1 34 " x 2 12 ". 319.95 PP436nFractions 64.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'