b'Science 121Grade Level 3 4 5PP220X\x1fPHYSICAL SCIENCE ACTIVITY LABS - COMPLETE SETThe perfect addition to classroom science centres, our hands-on activity labs give students an engaging way to explore physical science!Each lab comes with cards that walk students through exciting, skill-building experi-mentsplus all the materials needed to complete each one.Children just display a card in the wooden stand, then follow the simple instructions to complete the experimentand bring concepts to life!Weve even included fascinating information on the back of each card that explains the science behind each experiment and how it relates to the real world.You get all 4 labs, each with a guide. 599.95Launchers PulleysSpring ScalesPulleysWeights Wheel & AxleInclinedPlanesLeverRamps & TumblersPP527\x1fForce & Motion Lab PP226\x1fSimple Machines LabStudents discover how simple Students develop a concrete understanding of gravity, energy, frictionmachines make work easieras they build realistic models and perform hands-and moreas they experiment with forces and learn how they affecton experiments!Our lab includes high-quality, extra-durable beechwood motion!Children just follow simple instructions to complete 7 hands-oncomponents, plus 7 hands-on experiment cards that walk students through experimentsfrom creating pendulums and experimenting with friction tohow to build and use a pulley, an inclined plane, a wheel & axle, and more. measuring pull forces and building inclined planes!You get 53 experimentThe cards even include information on back that explains each machine and pieces, including pulleys, spring scales, ramps, launchers and more. 159.95 how its used in the real world!Comes with 39 experiment pieces. 159.95Ring MagnetsBar MagnetsCompasses Static ElectricitySwitched Circuit Electromagnets Brick Magnets Series Circuit Simple CircuitPP528\x1fMagnet Lab PP529\x1fElectricity LabOurready-to-uselabhaseverythingstudentsneedtoexploreOur classroom-safe lab makes electricity concepts easy to graspwith hands-magnetismhands on!You get 7 easy-to-follow experiment cards withon experiments and ready-to-use tools!The 29 pieces come with 7 cards skill-building investigations on front and scientific information on back featuring step-by-step experiments, from testing for conductors to creating plus all the materials needed for unlimited exploration and discovery a simple switched circuit.Plus, the back of each card has background including bar magnets, compasses, electromagnets and more.Labinformation on the scientific concept covered by the experimentso students comes with 50 experiment pieces.4 AA batteries not included. 149.95 learn important facts as they work!4 D batteries not included. 149.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'