b'Math 37mastering basic skillsShown:AdditionGrade Level K 1 2 3 4 5Grade Level K 1 2 FG740X\x1fMASTERING MATH DOMINOES - COMPLETE SETPP937\x1fGIANT MAGNETIC NUMBER OF THE DAY CHART Looking to help kids master essential math skills?These colourful dominoes are Now children can represent the number of the day in lots of differenta fun way to do it!Great for helping children learn through play, the easy-to-wayswith our jumbo magnetic write & wipe chart!Simply write a num- grasp and easy-to-read dominoes feature kid-friendly illustrations that make ber at the top of the chartand invite students to draw it as a series ofsolving problems a breezefrom addition & subtraction to place value & telling tally marks, write it in word form, mark it on a number line and more.Thentime!All 6 sets, each with 28 plastic, 2" dominoes in a storage tin.164.95just wipe the chart clean to start again!Reusable chart adheres to anyEach set is also available separately. Each27.95magnetic surface and measures 22" x 28".64.95 FG741\x1fAddition(Shown.)FG746\x1fPlace ValueDD103\x1fWrite & Wipe Thin-Line Markers - 4-Colour SetFG743\x1fMultiplicationFG745\x1fFractions Set of 4. 6.95 FG742\x1fSubtractionFG744\x1fTimeGrade Level 1 2 3 Shown:Grades 1-3FF900XnMATH EQUIVALENCY PUZZLES - COMPLETE SET Grade Level 1 2 3 4Students practice expressing everything from time and money to operations andMATH START STORIESfractionsin 4 different ways!Each 5" x 6" self-correcting puzzle has 4 simple From dividing up foods and estimating the number of jelly beans to piecesstudents just choose a large puzzle piece that represents a specificcounting the days in school, these delightful easy-to-read books valuethen connect 3 corresponding pieces that express the same value!makemathsuper-accessibletostudentsandshowhowwe Includes all 4 sets; each comes with 12 puzzles and an activity guide. 109.95 use math in our everyday lives!Each set listed below includes Each puzzle set is also available separately. 10 paperback books; each book is 33-35 pages.FF899nPlace ValuePlace value from ones to thousands. 27.95FF895nOperationsMultiple ways to represent numeric values. 27.95 DT576\x1fGrades 1-3Covers addition, subtraction, measurement, FF901nFractionsFractions in number line & graphic forms. 27.95 probability, three-dimensional shapes and more.(Shown.)144.95FF896nTimeReinforces both digital and analog time. 27.95 DT577\x1fGrades 2-4Covers estimation, capacity, place value, finding unknowns and more.144.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'