b'62 Readingmastering basic skillsGrade Level K 1 2 3 4 5DAILY LANGUAGE PRACTICE JOURNALSReinforcefoundationallanguageskillswithengaging,ready-to-use activities for every day of the school year!Each journal features 35 weeks of daily activities that cover key language arts standards and help students boost skills in vocabulary, phonics, grammar, writing and reading compre-hension.Plus, children can use the helpful answer key to check their own work.Each journal is 76-78 pages long and measures 8" x 10 12 ".Grade Each Set of 10Kindergarten GG1129.95 GG11394.95Grade 1 GG101 9.95 GG102 94.95Grade 2 GG103 9.95 GG104 94.95Grade 3 GG105 9.95 GG106 94.95Grade 4 GG107 9.95 GG108 94.95Grade 5 GG109 9.95 GG110 94.95Shown:Phonics GameGrade Level 1 2HH410XnCAN DO! READING GAMES - GR. 1-2 - COMPLETE SET Each game is also available separately.Our easy-to-play games provide fun skill-building practice with shades of meaning,HH439n Phonics Game(Shown.) 46.95vowel sounds, sight-words and morewith every spin!Each game canisterHH507nComprehension Game 46.95comes with a handy lid that doubles as a spinner, plus 44 tokens and 60 gameHH412nLanguage Skills Game 46.95cards designed to build foundational skills.Players simply spin to select a questionHH132nVowel Sounds Game 46.95in one of three categories, then collect tokens as they decode two-syllable words,HH133nWord Families Game 46.95identify key details in a text and boost other reading skills!The first player to collectHH134nSight-Words Game 46.9510 tokens wins!You get all 8 games, each with an answer card for easy self- HH131nPhonemic Awareness Game 46.95checking.Each can measures 6 12 " tall. 369.95 HH411nVocabulary Game 46.95Lakeshore'