b'Literature & Informational Texts 97small-group read-alongsLEVELED READ-ALONGSNow you can create a customized library right in your classroomwith our engaging fiction and nonfiction read-along kits!Specially selected to meet the needs of children of all levels, our kits help students become competent, successful and enthusiastic readers.Welcome to thePonies are rain forest! specialanimals!They munch on bamboo for hours each day. Grade Level K 1 Grade Level K 1 2 Grade Level 1 2 3RE735X\x1fMY FIRST INFORMATIONALRE855X\x1fINFORMATIONAL TEXT RE905X\x1fINFORMATIONAL TEXT TEXT READ-ALONGSIntroduce nonfictionREAD-ALONGS - LEVEL 1 READ-ALONGS - LEVEL 2topicstoearlyreaderswithsuper-excitingTheseread-alongsarejusttherightlevelforWitheasy-to-readsentences,stunningphoto-NationalGeographicKidsbooks!Stunningstudents learning to read on their own!Each bookgraphs and exciting new vocabulary words, these photographyandsimpletextmakethemanlets students explore a fascinating nonfiction topic paperbackread-alongshelpstudentssharpen ideal choice for read-alongs.Set of all 5 kits,with simple text and beautiful photos & illustrations.independent reading skills!Set includes all 5 kits, each with 4 books and a CD. 339.95 All 5 kits, each with 4 books and a CD. 339.95 each with 4 books and a CD. 339.95RE736\x1fJump, Pup! 69.95 RE856\x1fAnts69.95 RE907\x1fVolcanoes 69.95RE737\x1fRace Day 69.95 RE857\x1fTrains69.95 RE909\x1fPlanets69.95RE739\x1fSwim, Fish! 69.95 RE858\x1fDinosaurs 69.95 RE904\x1fDolphins69.95RE738\x1fSafari 69.95 RE859\x1fStorms 69.95 RE908\x1fCheetahs 69.95RE741\x1fSwing, Sloth! 69.95 RE854\x1fPonies 69.95 RE906\x1fPandas 69.95Jamaica put theshe sang likeOutside, she knew, dog in her bicyclea bird. the sky was speckled Grade Level K 1 Grade Level 2 3 Grade Level 4 5 6 with stars.basket.RE414X\x1fMULTICULTURALRE243X\x1fMULTICULTURALRE443X\x1fMULTICULTURAL READ-ALONGS - K-GR. 1Perfect forREAD-ALONGS - GR. 2-3These timelessREAD-ALONGS - GR. 4-6Independent read-beginning readers, these easy-to-follow, kid- stories are filled with positive messages of hope anders are challenged with longer chapters and more pleasing tales celebrate heritage, identity andunderstandingand feature engaging text thatcomplex plotsin these coming-of-age stories community.You get all 5 kits shown, each withboosts vocabulary.All 5 kits, each with 4 copiestheyll really relate to.Set includes all 5 kits, each 4 copies of the book & a read-along CD. 449.95 of the book and a CD with narration. 449.95 with 4 copies of the book and 3-5 CDs. 559.95RE223 \x1fArrow to the Sun 94.95 RE248\x1fImanis Moon 89.95 RE452\x1fBud, Not Buddy 109.95RE721 \x1fAll the Colours of the Earth 89.95 RE247\x1fToo Many Tamales 94.95 RE456\x1f Island of the RE4100 \x1f The Cazuela That theRE634\x1fGrandfathers Journey 89.95 Blue Dolphins 109.95Farm Maiden Stirred 94.95 RE249\x1f The Girl Who LovedRE449\x1f Harbor Me 119.95RE202 \x1fWhistle for Willie 89.95 Wild Horses 94.95 RE446\x1fEsperanza Rising 114.95RE413 \x1fJamaicas Find 89.95 RE368\x1f Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa 89.95 RE448\x1f Number the Stars 119.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'