b'Math 33mastering basic skillsIncludes 3-step instructions students follow on their own! Grade Level 4 5HH335XnMATH FOLDER GAMELIBRARIES - GR. 4-5 - COMPLETE SETStudents solve multistep word problems as they paddle down a raging river, add fractions while playing a game of hoops, and morewith super-engaging folder games that target critical math standards!Each library includes 10 different self-checking games designed for independent practice. Students just open a colour-coded folder, then use the corresponding game pieces to solve algebraic operations, measure angles, explore equivalencies and more.Each folder comes with an answer card, plus a bonus activity that tests what students have learned.Complete set of all 4 libraries (40 games total); folders measure 9 14 " x 11 58 ". 334.95Each library is also available separately.HH334 n Place Value LibraryStudents identify place value in a hockey game, order decimals on a number line and more! 84.95HH423 n Operations & Algebraic Thinking LibraryChildren play soccer, miniature golf and moresolving operations as they go! 84.95HH337 n Geometry & Measurement LibraryGames cover everything from measur-ing angles to exploring conversions! 84.95 HH336 n Fractions & Decimals Library Subtract fractions while surfing, explore equivalen-cies in a tennis match and more!(Shown.) 84.95Shown:Fractions & DecimalsShown:MultiplicationGrade Level 1 2 3 4 5TE430XnMATH FLASH CARD LIBRARYMath concepts are easy to masterwith our self-checking flash cards!Ideal for skills review, extra reinforcement and standardized test preparation, each pack listed below includes more than 90 flash cardsall with answers on backso itsGrade Level 1 2 3 4 5 6a breeze for students to check their own work.Library includes all 6 packs shown.LC198\x1fGIANT MAGNETIC GRAPH & ARRAY CHARTCards measure 3" x 5 34 ". 84.95 Demonstrate essential math conceptswith a jumbo-size magnetic Each pack is also available separately. chart that looks just like graph paper!Permanent 1" grid lines make it TE436nAddition 0-12 Flash Cards 14.95 super-easy to draw graphs, arrays, area models, line plots and more. TE437nSubtraction 0-12 Flash Cards 14.95 Plus, with its conveniently designed write & wipe surface, this versatile TE438nMultiplication 0-12 Flash Cards 14.95 chart can be used again and again from year to year.Just place it on a TE439nDivision 0-12 Flash Cards 14.95 magnetic surface and youre ready to go!Measures 22" x 28". 64.95TE433nFraction Fun Flash Cards 14.95 DD105\x1fWrite & Wipe MarkersTE434nTelling Time Flash Cards(Shown.) 14.95 Set of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'