b'44 Mathoperations & algebraic thinkingShown:MultiplicationSimply snapGrade Level 1 2 3 4 5on and slideLM240X\x1fSPLASH! MATH GAMES - COMPLETE SETA quick, easy the countingway to master math factsour super-fun pool-themed games are sure to make Grade Level K 1 pieces toa splash!Kids just draw an inner-tube card, read the problem aloud and keep DD267\x1fSNAP & SLIDE decomposethe card if they solve it correctlyor start again if they draw a Splash!The first NUMBER BONDS - SET OF 4 numbers!player to collect 10 cards wins.Plus, each game covers 100 facts at 2 skill levels, Students build their own visual models as they explore our hands-on numberso students can begin with simpler problems and progress to more difficult ones. bonds!Kids just write a number from 1 to 20 on top of each board, snap onAll 4 games, each with 108 cards; cards are 1 12 ".For 2-4 players. 94.95the counting pieces and slide them into 2 groups to show as many numberEach game is also available separately.combinations as possible!You get four 14 12 " activity boards with write & wipeLM241\x1fAdditionAddition facts within 20. 24.95spaces to write out each number bond, plus 84 counting pieces. 47.95 LM242\x1fSubtractionSubtraction facts within 20. 24.95DD105\x1fWrite & Wipe Markers LM243\x1fMultiplicationMultiplication facts within 100.(Shown.) 24.95Set of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45 LM244\x1fDivisionDivision facts within 100. 24.95Shown:AdditionGrade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6LC1170nSELF-TEACHING MATH MACHINES - COMPLETE SETOur fun-to-use machines make math so simple, kids can teach themselves!Children just press the equation buttonsand up pop the answers forimmediatereinforcement!Thishands-onJust pressand up approachtobasicmathoperationshelpsstu- pops the answer!dentsmasteraddition,subtraction,multiplica- Grade Level K 1 2tion and division facts through self-checking practice.The 81 equationLC657\x1f1-120 MAGNETIC NUMBER CHARTbuttons are locked securely into each tough 8 12 " x 9 12 " plastic frame.Whole-class math sessions are a breeze with our extra-large number chart! Complete set includes all 4 math machines. 174.95 Featuring numbers from 1 to 120, the 22" x 28" chart is write & wipe on the front Each machine is also available separately. and magnetic on the back, so it sticks to any magnetic surface.Plus, it comes n with 60 square magnetsperfect for skip-counting, identifying evens and odds, LC1166nAddition Math Machine(Shown.) 44.95 adding and subtracting within 120and more!Magnets are 1 34 ". 79.95LC1167 Subtraction Math Machine44.95LC1168nMultiplication Math Machine 44.95 DD103nWrite & Wipe Thin-Line Markers - 4-Colour SetLC1169nDivision Math Machine 44.95 Set of 4. 6.95Lakeshore'