b'Reading 65mastering basic skillsAwesome!Grade Level K 1 2BD540SET\x1fPOWER PEN! READING SKILLS QUIZ CARDS - COMPLETE SETHeres a super-engaging way to build early readingShown:Phonicsskillswith instant reinforcement!Students just touch an answer on these quiz cards with the special penand the pen tells them whether theyre right orGrade Level K 1wrong.You get all 6 card packs, each with 53 double-sided quiz cards, plus anPP245XnMATCH & SORT LANGUAGE QUICKIES - answer key.Cards measure 3 12 " x 5 12 ".Pen sold separately. 169.95 K-GR. 1 - COMPLETE SETEach pack is also available separately. Pack tons of language practice into a short amount of timewith our BD543\x1fShort Vowels Quiz Cards(Shown.) 28.95 ready-to-use card games!Each set features 8 different card games BD542\x1fConsonants Quiz Cards 28.95 that provide focused practice with a specific skill areafrom phonics BD545\x1fWord Families Quiz Cards 28.95 to early comprehension.Perfect for independent use, the pouches BD544\x1fLong Vowels Quiz Cards 28.95 have illustrated instructions printed right onso the games are a cinch BD541\x1fReading Readiness Quiz Cards 28.95 to play!Set of all four 8" game boxes, each with 8 different games (for BD546\x1fBlends & Digraphs Quiz Cards 28.95 a total of 110-171 cards per box).219.95BD530\x1fPower Pen!2 AAA batteries not included. 26.95 Each game box is also available separately.PP249nEarly Reading ComprehensionSet of 8 games. 56.95BD530X\x1fPower Pen! - Set of 4 PP248nVocabularySet of 8 games. 56.95 Set of 4 pens.Each requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). 104.95 PP247nLanguage SkillsSet of 8 games. 56.95 PP246nPhonicsSet of 8 games.(Shown.) 56.95Shown:Language SkillsGrade Level 2 3 Shown:Informational TextPP575XnMATCH & SORT LANGUAGE QUICKIES -Grade Level 4 5GR. 2-3 - COMPLETE SET PP955XnMATCH & SORT LANGUAGE QUICKIES - Our independent card games take just minutes to playhelping students buildGR. 4-5 - COMPLETE SETStudents sharpen language skills in a flashgrade-appropriate language skills in a fun and involving way!Each set highlightswith our quick-to-play games!Each set focuses on a different skill areafrom a different skill areafrom vocabulary to phonicsand comes with 8 ready- vocabulary to informational textand includes 8 game pouches covering skills to-play card games in 8 individual pouches.Children just grab a pouch, thenlike detecting context clues, mastering verb tense and more.Plus, each game follow the 3-step instructions to add prefixes and suffixes to root words, iden- has answer cards and simple instructions printed directly on the pouchesso tify informational text features and more.Set of all four 8 12 " game boxes,children can play and learn independently!Set of all four 8" game boxes, each each with 8 different games (for a total of 141-190 cards per box). 239.95 with 8 different games (for a total of 120-145 cards per box). 239.95Each game box is also available separately. Each game box is also available separately.PP578nVocabularySet of 8 games. 61.95 PP958nLiteratureSet of 8 games. 61.95PP579nPhonicsSet of 8 games. 61.95 PP956nGrammar & WritingSet of 8 games. 61.95PP576nReading ComprehensionSet of 8 games. 61.95 PP957nVocabularySet of 8 games. 61.95PP577nLanguage SkillsSet of 8 games.(Shown.) 61.95PP959nInformational TextSet of 8 games.(Shown.) 61.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'