b'Math 41number & operations in base 10Grade Level K 1 2 Double ten-frames on back provide higher-level practice!Grade Level K 1 2 DD467\x1fTEN-FRAMES LC471\x1fJUMBO MAGNETIC TEN-FRAMES - SET OF 4MAGNETIC ANSWER BOARDSNow you can explore base 10 number concepts with the whole class Kids learn to show their work with our magnetic answer boards!Each write & with our Jumbo Magnetic Ten-Frames and counters!Simply stick thewipe board has 3 ten-frames and room to write equations, plus magnetic ten-frames onto any magnetic surfacethen use the counters to explorecounters that make modeling simple operations easy!You get 4 double-essential math concepts, including making 10, addition & subtraction,sided boards and 80 foam counters.Boards measure 6 12 " x 6 34 ". 69.95more than/less than, and more!You get a set of 4 ten-frames andDD105\x1fWrite & Wipe Markers40 counters in 2 colours; ten-frames measure 5" x 12 14 " long.34.95 Set of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45Grade Level K 1 2DD144nTEN-FRAMES CARD DECKS -SET OF 8These ten-frames cards help stu-dents visualize numbers and develop essential math skillsfrom making 10 to decomposing numbers!The versatile card decks are perfect as flash cardsor follow the included directions for a variety of skill-building games and activities kids will love to play!Plus, the set includes decks that cover numbers 0-10 and 0-20, so students can practice at just the right level. Youget8carddecks,foratotalof 368 cards.Each card is 2 12 " x 3 12 ". 56.95Counters are double-sided!Grade Level K 1 2 Grade Level K 1 2 3GA920nTEN-FRAMES CLASS SET UNIFIX CUBES Counting, patterning, measuring and morethese Kids can visualize a variety of math concepts with these skill-building trays &easy-linking cubes let kids explore early math concepts!Plastic cubes come in counters!Each tray has raised grid lines that keep counters in place as kids10 colours; each cube is34 ".practice addition, subtraction & more.Plus, the counters are red on one sideTY4225 \x1f 100 Cubes 20.95and blue on the otherso theyre perfect for making 10 & simple operations!TY4221 \x1f 500 Cubes 81.95You get 20 plastic trays & 220 counters; trays are 6 38 ". 59.95 TY4200 \x1f 1,000 Cubes(Shown.) 149.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'