b'118 ScienceShown:Landforms & Erosion Earth Science KitGrade Level 2LM270X\x1fMEET THE STANDARDS HANDS-ON SCIENCE KITS - GR. 2 -Each kit is also available separately.COMPLETE SET LM272 \x1fLandforms & Erosion Earth Science KitDesigned to support specific learning objectives of the Next Generation ScienceKids explore erosion control, bodies of water & more!(Shown.) 109.95Standards** for second grade, these hands-on kits target essential standardsfromLM271 \x1fMatter Physical Science KitStudents describe and developing a model to represent landforms to comparing plants in various habitats!classify matter, assess material properties and more! 109.95You get all 3 kits, each with 4 double-sided, 8 12 " x 11" Investigation cards that helpLM273 \x1fSeeds & Plants Life Science KitKids learn what students make inquiries and design investigations, materials to complete the 4 inves- plants need to survive, how plants get energy and more! 109.95tigations, 4 Connection cards that help relate findings to the real world, plus a detailed guide featuring full lesson plans, possible outcomes and more! 319.95Shown:Force & Motion Physical Science KitGrade Level 3LM280X\x1fMEET THE STANDARDS HANDS-ON SCIENCE KITS - GR. 3 -Each kit is also available separately.COMPLETE SETGet students thinking like scientists as they master key NextLM274 \x1fForce & Motion Physical Science KitStudents Generation Science Standards** for third gradeidentifying patterns in movement to pre- investigate forces, magnetic interactions and more!(Shown.) 109.95dict future motion, using data to describe climates in different regions, and more!The setLM275 \x1fWeather & Climate Earth Science KitKids learn includes all 3 hands-on kits, each with 4 double-sided, 8 12 " x 11" Investigation cards thatabout forecasting, climate-related risks & potential safeguards! 109.95help students make inquiries & design investigations, materials for conducting 4 differentLM276\x1fHabitats Life Science KitStudents analyze fossil investigations, and 4 Connection cards for relating findings to the real world.Each kit alsodata, explore animal habitats & habitat change, and much more! 109.95includes a comprehensive guide with lesson plans, safety tips and more! 319.95Lakeshore'