b'56 MathmanipulativesIdeal for class demonstrations and hands-on practice!EE924 EE922 EE923Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5 6RR740\x1fGIANT ACTIVITY DICEChildren explore simple counting, addition, multiplica-tion and more with our jumbo dice!Perfect for tons of math games and activities, the dice feature a soft foam designso theyre quiet to roll.Set includes 12 dice in 4 bright colours, a handy storage tub and an activity guide.Dice measure 1 58 ". 44.95Grade Level K 1 2 3 4 5EE925XnGIANT MAGNETIC TEACHING MANIPULATIVES - COMPLETE SETPerfect for whole-class demonstrations and hands-on learning, our giant magnetic manipulatives make math concepts easy to seeand easy to understand!The big, denseGrade Level K 1 2foam pieces are a cinch to grab and manipulate, and they stick to any magnetic surface RR632 nGIANT TEN-FRAMES ACTIVITY DICE providing concrete practice with everything from place value and regrouping to fractionsKids develop number sense with every roll of our innova-in bar and circle form.You get all 3 sets, each with 81-120 pieces.Largest rectangletive dice!The rugged foam, 1 58 " dice are printed on each measures 8".Magnetic board sold separately below. 329.95 side with ten-frames covering numbers 0-20, so theyre EE924nGeometric Shapes 119.95 perfect for a variety of math activitiesfrom rolling and EE922nFraction Circles & Bars99.95 comparing numbers to performing simple operations! EE923nPlace Value Blocks 114.95 Set of 12 dice in a tub; with an activity guide. 41.95PH346n Magnetic Write & Wipe Board - 24" x 36" 159.95Grade Level K 1BC542\x1fJUMBO ATTRIBUTE BLOCKSTheseoversizeblockswillmakeabigimpactasGrade Level K 1 2 3 students identify, sort and classify shapes by a variety of DD179\x1fGIANT MAGNETIC DOMINOESKids will love to get their hands on these jumboattributes!The60easy-to-graspplasticblocksare magnetic dominoes as they work on counting, addition, subtraction and more!The large design makessuper-durableandcomein5shapes,2sizes, the dots easy to countand the dominoes stick to any magnetic surface.You get 28 colourful foam2 thicknesses and 3 coloursall in a compartmentalized dominoes and an activity guide.Each domino is 4 34 ".Magnetic board sold sep. above. 57.95 storage tray with a lid.Large triangles are 5". 64.95Lakeshore'