b'Math 31mastering basic skillsGrade Level K 1 2 3 4 5MATH MANIPULATIVE TOOLBOXES Toolboxes are available individually or in sets of 10. Reinforce math concepts with our versatile toolboxes!Packed with manipulatives that align to majorLC770 n K-Gr. 1 Each39.95standards for each grade level, the toolboxes provide lots of hands-on experience with everythingLC771 n K-Gr. 1 - Set of 10394.95from base 10 and place value to fractions and area models.Simply use the manipulatives to reviewLC772 n Gr. 2-3 Each39.95key concepts with a small or large group of studentsor encourage kids to practice building mathLC773 n Gr. 2-3 - Set of 10 394.95skills on their own.Plus, the sturdy manipulatives and write & wipe math tools are perfect for years and years of classroom use!The convenient plastic toolboxes are designed to fit inside most stu- LC774 n Gr. 4-5Each39.95dent desksso manipulatives are always within reach for independent learning.Each toolboxLC775 n Gr. 4-5 - Set of 10 394.95includes an activity guide and measures 6" x 7 14 ".Shown:Operations Shown:Algebraic ThinkingGrade Level 2 3 Grade Level 4 5PP650X n GRAB & MATCH LEVELED MATH QUICKIES - GR. 2-3 - PP360X n GRAB & MATCH LEVELED MATH QUICKIES - GR. 4-5 - COMPLETE SETOur easy-to-play card games build math skillswith everyCOMPLETE SETOur card games boost critical thinking, speed & accuracymatch!You get all 5 boxes, each with 15 games that progress in difficulty.Kidsto help math become second nature!Complete set includes all 6 boxes, each with just grab a game pouch, then match analogue & digital clocks, fractions, and15 games that progress in difficulty & cover everything from word problems to more!Each 10 12 " box has 240 cards, plus an answer key. 344.95 area & perimeter.Each 10 12 " box has 240 cards, plus an answer key. 409.95Each box of 15 games is also available separately. Each69.95 Each box of 15 games is also available separately. Each69.95PP634n Place Value PP633n Fractions PP361 n Operations PP364n AlgebraicPP636n Geometry & GeometricPP632n Time & PP362 n Geometry &Thinking(Shown.)MeasurementMeasurement Measurement PP365n FractionsPP635n Operations(Shown.) PP363 n Measurement & Data PP366n Place ValuePrices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'