b'STEM 115Kids put together all the pieces to build their very own chain reaction courses!Grade Level 3 4 5CREATE-A-CHAIN REACTION STEM KITS - GR. 3-5 until the ball reaches the goal box.Perfect for building 21st-century skills like Students learn firsthand how STEM concepts such as gravity, force andperseverance and STEM problem solving, the kits even let kids create their momentum can create a chain reaction! Our kid-pleasing kits challenge stu- very own chain reaction coursesfor unlimited building possibilities!dents to build a variety of chain reaction coursescomplete with switches,PP848\x1fStarter Set59 plastic builders, 8 challenge cards, 4 balls, seesaws, hammers and more.Children simply grab a challenge cardbuild4 cords, a how-to book & a guide.Largest piece is 12".(Shown.) 109.95each of the pictured components with help from the how-to bookthen setPP849\x1fClass Set129 plastic builders, 12 challenge cards, 6 balls, up their course.With the drop of a ball onto the tracks, kids will find out8 cords, a how-to book & a guide.Largest piece is 12". 189.95whether their course worksfine-tuning the distance and angle of the pieces Grade Level 2 3PP908\x1fREAL-WORLD STEM CHALLENGE KIT - GR. 2-3 Kids save a town from a flash flood, rescue a toy bear from a well and guide a family safely across a bridgebuilding STEM problem-solving skills along the way!Our kit presents real-world design challenges and asks kids to find solutions.Students plan, build, test and improve their designs, while teachers use the lesson plans to explain key concepts and help troubleshoot design flaws. Featuring 3 exciting challengesplus careers cards that show kids how STEM applies to real jobs!Cards measure 8 12 " x 11". 359.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'