b'Reading 63mastering basic skillsCVC Words Word Families Vowel SoundsBlends & Digraphs Prefixes & Suffixes Sight-WordsShown:CVC WordsGrade Level K 1 2Grade Level K 1 2 3 LM390X\x1fSPLASH! READING GAMES - COMPLETE SETLM500XnREADING SKILLS MAGNET LIBRARY A quick, inviting way to introduce CVC words, sight-words and moreOur magnets help develop essential reading skillsand make them stick!our super-fun pool-themed games are sure to make a splash!Students Perfect for independent learning or small-group instruction, the easy-grip magnetsjust draw an inner-tube card, read the word aloud and keep the card if are colour-coded within each setso its easy for kids to master 3 levels of sight- they read it correctlyor start again if they draw a Splash!The first words, match up onsets & rimes to form word families, build words with blends &player to collect 10 cards wins!Complete set includes all 5 games, each digraphs, and more!You get all 6 sets, each with 57-75 magnets; largest magnetwith 108 cards; cards are 1 12 ".For 2-4 players. 109.95is 2".Magnetic board sold sep. 94.95 Each game is also available separately.Each set is also available separately. LM392\x1fCVC Words(Shown.) 22.95LM501nCVC Words 15.95 LM504nBlends & Digraphs 15.95 LM391\x1fTwo-Syllable Words 22.95LM502nWord Families 15.95 LM505nPrefixes & Suffixes 15.95 LM393\x1fBlends & Digraphs 22.95LM503nVowel Sounds 15.95 LM506nSight-Words 15.95 LM394\x1fVowel Sounds 22.95PH345nMagnetic Write & Wipe Board - 18" x 24" 79.95 LM395\x1fSight-Words 22.95Shown:Vocabulary GameGrade Level 3 4LC440XnCAN DO! READING GAMES - GR. 3-4 - COMPLETE SET Each game is also available separately.Boost reading and writing skills, vocabulary and more with hands-on gamesLC441nReading Literature Game 46.95students will love to play!Children just spin to select one of three categories LC442nReading Informational Text Game 46.95draw a card and answer the questionthen collect tokens when they correctlyLC443nWriting Skills Game 46.95analyze characters, identify root words, use context clues and morebuildingLC444nVocabulary Game(Shown.) 46.95basic reading skills!Each game comes in a handy can that includes 60 gameLC445nPrefixes & Suffixes Game 46.95cards, 44 tokens, an answer card for convenient self-checkingand a gameLC446nParts of Speech Game 46.95spinner built right into the lid!Complete set includes all 8 games.Each canLC447nConventions Game 46.95measures 6 12 " tall. 369.95 LC448nFigurative Language Game 46.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'