b'Reading 85reading comprehensionShown:Reading for Information GameGrade Level 4 5GG315XnREADING COMPREHENSION GAMES LIBRARY - GR. 4-5Kids master what it takes to be effective readerswith challenging games theyll love to play!Our themed games each highlight a different skill: Students go on a surfing adventure to improve vocabulary, search for lost jewels to analyze cause and effect, and more.Library of all 6 games listed below, each with an 18" x 18" game board.For 2-4 players.349.95Each game is also available separately.GG371nHazard Mountain:Inference Game 59.95GG372nMain Street Shopping:Main Idea Game 59.95GG373n Capture the Flag:Reading Comprehension Game 59.95GG374n Outlast:Reading for Information Game(Shown.) 59.95GG375n Quest for the Jewels:Cause & Effect Game 59.95GG376nWipeout!:Vocabulary Game 59.95Grade Level 1 2 3 4 5NONFICTION READING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE CARDS PP669nGrades 1-2 119.95Ourcardsfeaturecontent-richtextsthatboostnonfictioncomprehensionandbuildgrade- PP667nGrades 2-3 119.95appropriate knowledge in social studies, science, the arts and more!Students just read throughPP668nGrades 4-5 119.95each high-interest text, then use evidence from the text to answer skill-building questions.EachDD105nWrite & Wipe Markers set includes 90 write & wipe and reproducible activity cards in 3 levels to keep children challengedSet of 4 black, dry-erase markers. 6.45and engaged.Plus, you get answer cards for easy self-checking.Cards measure 8 12 " x 11". Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'