b'Science 119Shown:Changes in Landscape Earth Science KitGrade Level 4LM310X\x1fMEET THE STANDARDS HANDS-ON SCIENCE KITS - GR. 4 -Each kit is also available separately. COMPLETE SETFrom asking questions & predicting outcomes about how energyLM312\x1fChanges in Landscape Earth Science KitKids learn changes when objects collide to using a model to describe how animals receive andabout weathering, erosion, rock layers & Earths forces.(Shown.) 114.95process information, our engaging kits support Next Generation Science Standards** forLM311\x1fEnergy Physical Science KitStudents compare poten-fourth grade!The set includes all 3 kits, each with 4 double-sided, 8 12 " x 11" Investiga- tial and kinetic energy, investigate collisions, and more! 114.95tion cards that encourage critical and scientific thinking, materials for 4 investigations &LM313\x1fHuman Body Life Science KitStudents explore the skel-4 Connection cards for making real-world connections.Plus, you get a guide withetal system, the human hand & eye, and different types of teeth! 114.95detailed lesson plans, investigation tips, possible solutions & much more! 334.95Shown:Ecosystems Life Science KitGrade Level 5LM320X\x1fMEET THE STANDARDS HANDS-ON SCIENCE KITS - GR. 5 - Each kit is also available separately.COMPLETE SETOur information-packed kits encourage kids to conduct investiga- LM316\x1fEcosystems Life Science KitKids investigate plant tions that support Next Generation Science Standards** for fifth grade!From synthesiz- growth, create their own small ecosystem, and more!(Shown.) 114.95ing information about how science can boost conservation to developing a model toLM314\x1fProperties of Matter Physical Science KitStudents show that matter is made of particles too small to see, kids map out investigations,learn why air is matter, study chemical reactions and more! 114.95explain their process & relate findings to the real world.All 3 kits, each with 4 double-sided, 8 12 " x 11" Investigation cards, materials for 4 investigations and 4 Connection cards.LM315\x1fWater Conservation Earth Science KitKids are intro-Plus, you get a guide with extensive lesson plans, possible answers & more! 334.95 duced to the water cycle, transporting water, desalination & more! 114.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.wintergreen.ca'