b'Furniture 99Rainbow Classroom TablesADJUSTABLE CLASSROOM TABLESare available in 3 trim colours: LIFETIMEWARRANTY RAINBOW CLASSROOM TABLESOur Rainbow Tables are as attractive as they are durable! They feature superior, high-quality construction and light-gray, yellow red blue no-glare tabletopswith rugged, wipe-clean laminate on the surface and underside for added strength.Sturdy legs and Max. seating for Max. seating for extra-thick edgebands come in your choice of yellow, red or 36" x 72" table. 48" x 72" table. blueall colour-coordinated to our Classic Stacking Chairs (sold on page 97).Each tabletop is a solid 1 14 " thickand the tables adjust in height to fit every student!G REENGUARD Certified. Lifetime warranty.Easy assembly.For help matching table sizes to chairs, please see the chart on page 96.SpecifyMax. seatingMax. seating trim colour: for 42" table. for 48" table. yellowredblue RAINBOW GROUP TABLESRegular tables adjust from 21" to 30" high.LowRAINBOW ROUND TABLES Regular tables adjust from tables adjust from 15" to 24" high. 21" to 30" high.Low tables adjust from 15" to 24" high.CN551 \x1f36" x 72" Group Table 869.95 CN541 \x1f42" Round Table(Shown.) 729.95CN552 \x1fLow 36" x 72" Group Table869.95 CN542\x1fLow 42" Round Table 729.95CN553 \x1f48" x 72" Group Table(Shown.) 979.95 CN543\x1f48" Round Table 779.95CN554 \x1fLow 48" x 72" Group Table979.95 CN544\x1fLow 48" Round Table 779.95SpecifyMax. seating forMax. seating forMax. seating forSpecifyMax. seating forMax. seating for trim colour: 30" x 30" table. 30" x 60" table. 30" x 72" table. trim colour: 24" x 36" table. 24" x 48" table.yellow yellowred redblueblue RAINBOW SQUARE & RECTANGULAR TABLESRegular tables adjust fromRAINBOW SPACE-SAVER RECTANGULAR TABLES21" to 30" high.Low tables adjust from 15" to 24" high. Regular tables adjust from 21" to 30" high.Low tables adjust CN571 \x1f30" x 30" Square Table 549.95 from 15" to 24" high.CN572\x1fLow 30" x 30" Square Table 549.95 CN561\x1f24" x 36" Rectangular Table 529.95CN573 \x1f30" x 60" Rectangular Table669.95 CN562\x1f Low 24" x 36" Rectangular Table 529.95CN574\x1fLow 30" x 60" Rectangular Table 669.95 CN563\x1f 24" x 48" Rectangular Table(Shown.) 579.95CN575\x1f30" x 72" Rectangular Table(Shown.)779.95 CN564\x1f Low 24" x 48" Rectangular Table 579.95CN576\x1fLow 30" x 72" Rectangular Table 779.95Prices are subject to change.Please check our website for the most up-to-date pricing. www.Wintergreen.ca'